Friday, November 25, 2005

Where did November go?

A long time since my last update. I can't believe it's this late in November already. You can directly see the relation between my increased workload at school (got those two extra 7th grader groups to teach from November 1st on) and the hibernation of my blog. Sorry about that, folks.

The good thing about this is that the weeks go by so fast it always seems to be Friday, which is not bad. I and a colleague of mine already joke about it. Today when she came to the teachers' lounge in the morning we didn't even have to say anything, we just both burst into laughter. Which then made the principal and other teachers look at us really puzzled. I don't know if our explanation of "Well, it's just because it's Friday!" made that much sense to them. Or maybe it did, considering the fact that (despite the probably quite popular belief) also teachers are happy when it's Friday.

But next week marks the change of study period for us. Which, for me, means a return to a more slow pace and considerably less work at school. Considerably more work at this desk, though, since I need to get my studies going once more. I've got a few more exams to pass before I can graduate, after all. However much I like teaching, it'll be relaxing to be the student for a while, even if it means studying alone at home.

High stress levels also require high relaxation levels. Last week's chosen method for relaxation was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Dum-bledore-de-dum. Excellent entertainment, that movie. I have liked the previous movies, too (although not as much as the books), but this one became the first Potter-film I'd actually like to see in the theatre again. The previous movies didn't make me want to go back, I was more than content with waiting for the dvd's. (Which, btw, I still don't own...)

The movie was mostly pretty fast paced, which served the director's purpose very well. No Dursleys, no dull classes in Hogwarts, no side-stories - it all made the movie feel somehow more streamlined. That particular 2,5 hours went by so fast that I was almost surprised to notice the end credits. "What? Already?"

I'm sure the movie wasn't without its faults, but it was spot-on perfect for me and my stress levels. Besides, the post-movie squeeing and fangirling has been almost as tasty a remedy as the movie itself.

Squeeing and fangirling, you ask? Well. We thought (I went to see the movie with Tytti and her hubby) that the teen-wizards had been doing some growing up since the last movie. First of all, check out the arms of Harry and Ron! They've clearly done some gym work, because when I think of the 14-year-olds I teach... Well, let's just say that Harry & Ron didn't resemble drained spaghetti on a stick as much as an average teenager boy does. Good for them. Let's just wait some five to eight years or so, and some of these young actors are going to be quite the heartbreakers, I'm sure. (And yes, I'll be a dirty old lady talking about them when the time comes...)

And woohooo, bring out the Eastern European team Durmstrang! What an entry. Compared to those sissy Beauxbatons-chicks, Viktor Krum and his buddies were rockin'. It might be just me, but honestly, I thought Krum was pretty yummy. Or mruh, to be more exact. Just the kind of guy that actually fits Hermione's description of him: "Viktor's more a physical kind of guy." Heehee.

The only competition the French witches won without a doubt was the vehicle of choice. Those winged horses, whee! I want some, too! The submerging ship was cool, but those horses were pretty awesome! Too bad they didn't show them more.

Anyhow, I may end up re-visiting Kinopalatsi for a second viewing of Harry and his friends. But before a second helping from the Goblet, I'll go and have eye-candy-a-lot on Sunday, when we go to see Elizabethtown... I've been Orlando-deprived for long enough now, it's time to fix the situation. :)


kate bussert said...

i saw the potter movie 2. i didnt like it as much as the other 3 ,because they cut out so much.
i wouldnt have minded a 3 or 4 hour long movie !! :)

Tigerlily said...

I agree with Kate, I would have happily sat through another hour to see more character and story development. But it was good fun! And I'm a dirty old lady, too..Cedric is something else, and Harry is well on his way to being a heartbreaker...

BTW, I FINALLY saw Kingdom of Heaven!! I really liked it. I'm not too familiar with that theme or time period, so I trust you when you say it's fairly accurate. I do think it was a little hard to follow in parts, and I didn't feel enough for some of the characters. But overal, I really enjoyed it, and would definitely see it again.

And Orlando...mmmm....I totally agree with you there.

Johanna said...

Yes, I think I could've watched another hour or so of Potter & co. Cedric, yes, he is also something else, but I think if I had to choose, I'd still go for Viktor, heh... And I completely agree with you, Harry really is going to be quite a dashing young man.;)

Glad you liked KoH. I can totally see how the movie could be a bit difficult to follow, if one doesn't know much about the period. I just read an interview of Ridley Scott the other day and in it he said that the director's cut will have at least one side story, which will hopefully then build the characters a bit more, especially Sybilla.

Orlando, ah. *drooling, squeeing, swooning* He is just gorgeous! (See my post later today, I hope, on the matter...)

Tigerlily said...

I would totally love to see the director's cut. Overall, it was really a great movie!

Looking forward to the Orlando post!!

Johanna said...

And lo, here it is, the long awaited Orlando post. :) *cleaning up puddles of drool*