Friday, December 30, 2005

The year comes to an end - with pics!

Another year went by. It seems it wasn't all that long ago when some of us gathered here at my place to celebrate the beginning of 2005. Twelve long months and what do I have to show for it? Ah, well. Let's see.

First, there was spring by the seaside. I borrowed dad's car, took my camera and drove to Ruissalo (one of my favorite places in Turku) to see how everything looked. This was around easter.

Then came June and I had to part with my dear old car. You can see it parked between the bright red and blue car. The pic was taken from my balcony. Buh-bye, Skoda.

Then there was the Medieval Market. Ye Olde Good Times Were Had by All.

August came, and with it work and my little goddaughter. See how well we were color coordinated already at the maternity ward, heh.

And then there were the Australian GUFFers Damien and Juliette, here seen in the local sf society's clubroom. They were wonderful people and I had a good time showing them around Turku (them and two additional Aussies, Karen and Dave). Evidence as follows.

See all those tiny Aussies in the window of Turku's magnificent medieval castle?

One beautiful early autumn evening our friends invited us all (and then some) to a great party. They had the fireworks to back up their promises, too.

Then I went to Helsinki one weekend. Met the author M. John Harrison and took touristy pics. Here's one.

And the rest of my pictorial year hasn't yet been developed... Although, as you well may remember from my previous posts, the rest of my year has included two additional trips to Helsinki, having international visitors from Malta and Belgium, working, working and working and so on. Not a bad year, all in all, I'd say.

I do have a couple of requests from the Magnificent Fates to make 2006 even better. Would you be so infinitely kind as to
a) kick my butt enough for me to get my act together and graduate
b) let me win in the lottery
c) let me fall in love once and for good
d) keep my friends happy and sane (and me along them, naturally)
e) bring peace to the world
f) choose at least one of the above for your serious consideration.
Thank you ever so much.

With this I wish you all a very happy new year. May it bring you joy, happiness and success.

(I'll see you, when I begin my new year of blogging. It'll be in about a week, because on Monday, I'm off to Lapland to ski for a few days with mom and dad. I'll be back on Saturday. No computers, no stress, just snow and nature (and about bazillion tourists in Ruka...) Whee!)


Jennifer said...

Happy new year! Great pics! :-)

kate said...



Johanna said...

Happy new year to you, too, Jen. I'm glad you like the pics - I rather think those are some of my better ones... (I'm not much of a photographer, heh.)

Kate, the pic thing really isn't that difficult at all. Especially since I'm also able to use it with my crappy 'puter. Just download Hello and it will guide you through the whole process.