Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's that time of the year again

Could someone kindly tell me where did the whole of April go? It can't be this late in the month already - it was supposed to be a long while before this year's prep course begins, and now it's finally dawned on me that it starts next Wednesday. Sheesh.

This year's course has more students on it than I had last spring. Maybe it has helped that my course was mentioned in the company's brochure as a course with a record-high acceptance rate into the University. Apparently my 70% result was pretty good - and of course it was. I was stunned myself. Anyhow, now I have at least 16 eager wannabe-historians to coach, starting next week. The course will take the whole May, three evenings a week, so I foresee a lot of stress and scurrying to get everything done, but heck, the course will be so much fun to teach. And while at work I can now concentrate on the kiddies (7th graders' history is all I have in my schedule), who don't need to write dozens of essays, I may be able to survive everything. :)

Oh, and marvellous news on the "real" job front. It is now almost 100% certain I'll get the fulltime job for next year! Wheeee! It seems I beat a few PhD's to it - nobody else has the required subject combination of both history and Finnish. This is very good news, also in the sense that now I know there aren't that many people around with the same competence as I have. Hopefully it'll be an ace in my sleeve also in the future. And to be able to say I've got two full academic years' worth of experience teaching both subjects in both junior and senior high - it can't be bad. Yay!

All in all, a good day today. Got my tax papers: come December I'll be getting a considerable tax refund (well, considerable by the scale of my current budget) and then at work, the principal asked if I could take a few more extra lessons into my schedule next year, which definitely means I'm as good as hired. This is brilliant!

Oh, and I got my first postcrossing card yesterday. It came from the US.

Pretty, isn't it?

Now I'm just waiting to receive more cards - and a few of my cards to be delivered, so I can get a new batch of addresses.


Anonymous said...

Howdy and how are you, wanted to let you know that I am still checking in on you now and again. Postcarding???? Almost two years ago, I started collecting old postcards of Newton and Casey Illinois. My oldest card from Newton dates back to the 1880s. Take care,

Johanna said...

Oh, hi there, stranger!

I've been wondering about you and your whereabouts lately. I'm so glad to hear you still pop by every once and a while! You doing good in Newton? What's been going on? Do drop me a few lines at any of my email addies (in other words, any email address you have for me, works still, the utu one is my main one), if you have time. I'd love to hear what's been happening in your life.

And yes, I'm feeling terribly "retro" with this postcrossing thing, but seriously, it's loads of fun. And ridiculously addictive! :)

Jennifer said...

Now you just need to go to the conservatory! It's awesome. :-)