Monday, December 11, 2006

Dear deities of the weather

Please make it stop raining! I'm so sick and tired of constant rain and I want snow! Pretty puh-leese?

Yes, the Northern winter wonderland of Finland is experiencing the warmest December in some 200 years... This is bordering ridiculous. If anyone, I repeat anyone, comes and tells me there are no signs of global warming, I'm going to make them crosscountry ski in this weather! Darnit.

If it only wouldn't rain so much. I wouldn't mind not having really cold temperatures, but the rain is driving me nuts. There was a short two-day period in the first days of November, when the scenery looked like this:

The view from my balcony in the beginning of November.

But alas, the snow melted away and ever since the ecosystem has thought it necessary to keep flooding the country with water. Meh. There aren't many things that make you more depressed than waking up to rain and darkness seven days a week. Snow would have the delightful effect of bringing more light to the gloomy Finnish winter even when the sun doesn't shine that many hours a day anyway.

Besides, it doesn't feel like Christmas is coming at all. I'm more than ready for a vacation, but the feeling isn't here. Another meh. I'm afraid there's just no hope for a white Christmas this year, with temperatures closer to +10 C almost on daily basis.

I just hope this doesn't mean spring will come in June next year... Or that February will boast with four weeks of temperatures around -30 C...

I think I'd better go and write my Christmas cards and listen to the raindrops fall.


Tero said...

If anyone, I repeat anyone, comes and tells me there are no signs of global warming

Well, actually… ok, nevermind. :)

But I agree about the rain. Normally I don't mind pretty much any weather, but according to my calculations, it's now been raining for about five weeks in a row, with only a couple of non-rainy days in the middle.

In the morning (and again in the afternoon, after work) the visibility is extremely poor. I know this only too well since I've been driving back and forth to Salo (about 120 km per day) in that rainy darkness for this whole time. :(

Johanna said...

Yup, too much is just too much. Five weeks of rain is what I would easily call too much.

And I couldn't agree more on the visibility issue. I've been commuting to work every day these past weeks, too. A shorter trip and I don't have to (or I don't get to) drive myself, but it's obvious that the conditions are mostly poor.

If there only was a little snow to light up the world a bit. *sigh*