Friday, October 21, 2005


Aaagh! What am I going to wear??

We're going to see Nightwish tonight in Helsinki and I haven't got anything nice and "goth chic" enough to wear! A quick run through the stores didn't help at all. Dammit.

Oh well. I guess I'll just settle for as much black as possible. With a touch of purple or burgundy. Should be able to blend in that way.

Another year went by, I got older and my problems are still ridiculous. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

I am 8,5 hours late, but happy birthday anyway. : )
And don't you worry, you'll be forever young. At least as long as you hang our with me and Rowanna. We are forever 16. Or 26 morelike. ; )


Johanna said...

Thanks, sweetie. Forever young hanging out with you two also in the future? It's a deal. Would've been a deal without the staying young part, though. ;)