Wednesday, October 12, 2005

How to prepare for the inevitable?

Grandpa is in the hospital, due to very serious heart problems. Mom and dad visited him yesterday and told me today that all of us should begin to mentally prepare ourselves for the worst.

But how do you do that, for real? Is there any point to it, really? I don't think that any amount of preparedness will make the inevitable any easier to face, when the moment comes.

In a way I hope the day isn't going to be quite yet, but isn't that a bit selfish? On the other hand, whether it is or not, I do hope grandpa has some living to do yet in this world. He's still hopeful he can get his knees operated, so I guess that as long as there is something he's got his mind set on, he'll have some strength to fight yet. Although the sad part of it is, naturally, that most likely his other health problems will prevent the operation anyway.

Time will tell.

I'll finish with a poem. Sad, beautiful and touching. And so true.

Jokainen yksinään maan sydämellä
auringonsäteen lävistämänä:
ja äkkiä on ilta.

Everyone stands alone on the heart of the earth
Transfixed by a sun-ray:
And it is suddenly night.

(Salvatore Quasimodo, 1930)

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope for the best. Whatever it may be, all things concerned.

I wish you and your family strength. *hugs*

The benefit of news like these is that you once again learn to appreciate every healthy moment you and your close ones have and not to take everything for granted.