Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Fabulous Entertainment

First of all, I had a terrible day today. Most of the day, that is. I woke up tired (nightmares again, thank you not so much, Mr. Sandman) and carried on to having an angst attack of some sort. While still tired, naturally. Not the best possible way to start a day, I tell you. I was angry and frustrated about a million things, mostly my car and my impossible schedules for the upcoming months. Luckily a short chitchat with a couple of friends on the icq helped a bit.

What didn't help was the lecture I had to go to. It was about the Finnish dialects. I do love the Finnish language and I do think I could end up being also a Finnish teacher, but honestly, I could not care less about the darned dialects. I love semantics, discourse analysis, writing, reading, rhetorics and what have you, but the dialects. I don't even know why I have such an irrational attitude towards them. I think I have to try to rethink this bit or I'll be bored to death during this course. It'll be a whole academic year long too, for crying out loud. Lectures till Christmas and then some sort of exercises after that. Gaah. I'm so not excited about it. Funnily enough I am excited about a course on pedagogic grammar (exactly...) and I'm sort of annoyed that I'll miss half the lectures on that course during my substitute teaching job later this fall. I'm not a bit annoyed that I'll miss half the dialect lectures... Oh well, I hope I pass the exam, that's my goal in life now - to get that done.

That and my master's thesis. And a poetry analysis essay. And a few choreographies. And about half a dozen articles for Spin (which, if someone out there doesn't know, is a fanzine published by Turku Science Fiction Society - which I may end up editing next year, yay!). And a presentation about the presidential elections of the United States and and...

You see why I had an anxiety attack after a poorly slept night? Exactly. It's really not that impossible to get everything done when I get to it, but the amount of work looming ahead of me is a bit overwhelming at times. So there, that was todays rant-session. So good to get that out of my system.

Which then brings me to Fabulous Entertainment. After getting back home from Parainen (and from grandma's & grandpa's - my car wouldn't start today either, sigh) I was so sweaty and tired that I just took a shower and sat in front of the TV. I didn't even have the energy to quickly drop by my brother's place as I had promised, it would've meant more biking. So instead of sitting in front of my brother's nice big tv I sat at home and stared at my own tiny box of moving pictures. And what was on, you wonder?

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I tell you, I want those guys, the Fab 5, here in my apartment. I want them to redo my livingroom and bedroom in a stylish manner. They'd probably throw away 95% of my old clothes, but hey, I wouldn't care if they took me shopping to some fancy designer boutique. Today's show had a handsome young man (a city cowboy, they described him, I think) who wanted to propose to his girlfriend in style. So he did, eventually. After visiting a Ralph Lauren boutique, a beauty salon, a stylish restaurant (men can't shop without food either, it seems) and (gasp) a chocolate shoppe (at this point I was drooling on the floor, yummy). Meanwhile the interior designer gay guy had done a few miracles at the apartment. I just can't believe they try to tell me it was all done in a single day. No way. New paint on the walls (all of them!) and new furniture and so on.

What reality (or part of time/space continuum) do they live in? As far as I've been able to tell, renovating one's apartment in such a way is at least a several days worth of work. Unless, of course, they had about 20 professional people working on it. Which is possible, I suppose, in this kind of a program. Anyhow, they did a very nice job. And the best part? The poor straight guy cried when they showed him the Maroccan tent-thingie they had built outside. How cute is that? Aww.

Well, I suppose the proposal was sweet too. Although I think the effect of a man kneeling down in front of you loses a bit, when you're sitting down on a bunch of pillows and he seems to be half crouching instead of gallantly kneeling...

Ok, I admit it, I'm a sucker for men kneeling down. Or elves kneeling down (oh, the day's looking infinitely better - I was able to bring elves into the picture!), for that matter. I still can't watch the coronation scene in the Lord of the Rings - Return of the King without crying when all the men and elves alike bow down to the hobbits. And earlier on in the trilogy, when Aragorn kneels to Frodo and offers his life to protect Frodo on the perilous journey - why can't I have someone kneeling down before me like that? My life is seriously lacking chivalrous men. (Well, men altogether at the moment, if I'm completely honest...)

Oops, a bit of a side track there. :) So, what I was going to say about the QEftSG-program was that it was good entertainment and made me feel better. It wasn't one of those reality shows that try to be nasty in some way, it seemed to huff and puff positive thoughts. Unlike, for example, the Top Model reality show I bumped into yesterday. Talking about bitchy queens there. Which doesn't mean I won't watch next weeks episode of that model show too, but the reasons will be different. I'll watch the Fab 5 because I think they were positively entertaining and the models because I do want to see when one of the girls "can't handle it anymore" as the teaser so gently put it. All in all, the production companies probably couldn't care less for my reasons, they have a watcher.

So there. Today seems to get better when midnight draws closer, so who knows, maybe I won't have nightmares tonight and I'll be happy the whole day tomorrow, even without reality tv. :)

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