Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Raindrops keep falling

There's no end to this rain, it seems. It has rained practically all summer long and now that the Finnish fall has settled in, it's keeping up the wet work. I don't mind the rain, usually, but now that the days are getting shorter and darker anyway, couldn't it be sunny for a while? I'd love to have a few of those pristine, beautiful days of fall, when the sky is bright and although it's cold, the sun makes all the colors in nature more vivid. But no, someone up there has decided that here in Turku we don't need anything but grey and rain. Depressing. I wonder if it's the weather that makes me especially tired these days. Well, it is the weather in the sense that I have been waking up a few times a night because of the sound of the hard rain.

The other thing waking me up are the power tools of the construction workers who are renovating our apartment building. I'm beginning to think that they have to use the power tools between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. due to some kind of union regulation or something. The earlier the better. And these guys have really decided to dedicate themselves to this regulation. Yesterday, for example, I woke up a bit after 7 a.m. to the delightful sound of some kind of drill that was used to make huge holes in some kind of metal pipes. Or that's what it sounded like. A screeching sound so awful that I immediately fell back to sleep... :) Ok, I have to admit I had stayed up too late and at that time in the morning I was still so tired that it wasn't even too difficult to sleep in the noise. Lucky me.

Today I have to face the instructor of my master's thesis in the seminar session (mustn't sleep there!). Yikes. I've decided that despite the substitute teaching jobs I'll have this fall (that I already know of), I'm going to have to be able to present the first sample chapter in December. Which means I'll have to get some serious work done in the near future. Starting today. I have a huge pile of resource books and materials on my desk all ready and waiting, but from now on, I really do have to start using them too. You'll be hearing from this project quite often, no doubt. The blog will be a perfect way to let out some steam or whine about not being able to get anything done, and I'm sure I'll find myself in both of those situations sooner or later...

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