Wednesday, September 29, 2004

News from the past

What a weird day. I got a phone call from a friend I haven't heard from in at least three years. He said he was in town for a short while and asked if I'd have the time to go and meet him. I did and so I went to see him. He couldn't come to my place since he's driving a huge semi and well, it doesn't exactly fit into a normal parking space... We had a nice little chat on a super market parking lot. He's a guy I used to visit with my friend Satu and we'd go out and party. There'd be a big bunch of us (Satu and I originally met these people in a chat room on the net) and we'd usually have a blast. But my gosh, that was something like eight, nine years ago, almost. When I told Satu about the visit today, she nailed the feeling I'd had right to the point. It was like news from the past. From the time me and Satu were barely 20-year-olds and just graduated from senior high. Good grief. I'm so glad I've grown up a bit since that. Or at least I think so. Hope so? Well, the clothes I wore back then won't fit me anymore, that's for sure. :) (Yeah, yeah, I know that's not what it means...)

Oh, oh, this I've got to mention. My car should be all fixed up and good to go again! I called the repair guy and he said there had been a broken fuel hose (aagh, more terminology I'm not at all familiar with in English - please excuse any mistakes and funny choises of words). So not at all a big thing. Except for the fact that the poor car has been leaking gas all around lately. The only thing for me to do now is to get to Nousiainen to pick the car up. Which I'll have time for on Sunday at the earliest... Oh well, at least I know it should be ok now. The nice repair guy has even fixed the door handle that has been broken for almost a full year now. I may actually be able to get out of the car without any problems from now on. Isn't life wonderful? Dad and Lauri, however, are already planning on ordering a car for me from Germany. That sounds good, but it'd sound even better if they said they'd pay for it too! (Slim chances of that ever happening, I'm afraid...)

And before I go to watch Stargåte, a few Somethingrathers of the Day, just for fun. Best Buy of the Day: a small bag with a picture of a cute cartoonish giraffe. Pretty and useful. I had to buy it when I saw it. The Question of the Day: "Is this eight supposed to be as fast as the ones last year?" This was asked in dance class today, referring to a dance move. How am I supposed to know which eight from last year she actually meant? We did hundreds of them. Of various sizes and "speeds". Which naturally brings us the Answer of the Day: "Well, let's say this isn't quite as fast, shall we?" The Surprise of the Day is a tie between a phone call from an old friend and the fact that I actually enjoyed the Finnish dialect -lecture today!

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