Friday, October 01, 2004

Books, books, books

Turku Book Fair. The most effective way to make lots of money disappear is to go there. And I'm volunteering to work there. On two separate days, too. Two hours of sitting behind the desk selling funny text buttons ("If the ear's not pointy, it's not worth nibbling." "Human by birth, elf by choice." and so on) and I get a free entrance. And that's exactly where the "free" ends. Luckily I do have some self-control. (Not having won the lottery lately helps, too.) I bought only two books today. I have to buy one more tomorrow and see if there are any cd's worth buying. And tomorrow I have to catch mr. Alastair Reynolds so that I can get my book signed. Another addition to my collection of signed books, yay! I may have to try to ask mr. Reynolds for his contact information, since I've been thinking about an interview. Nobody's doing one for Spin yet (at least I haven't heard about anyone), so I might as well try and squeeze some more writing into my schedule. (No, I don't have any suicidal tendencies, I just find it extremely difficult to say no and equally difficult to not volunteer for stuff like this...)

Well, it finally stopped raining here. It actually stopped a few days ago already and the last couple of days have been just perfect. Bright blue sky, cool and clear feel to everything. Except for the fact that the sun has been shining so nicely that it's actually been quite warm rather than cool at times. Very nice. As I was waiting for the bus this morning to go to the Book Fair, I remembered what is one of the most beautiful sights one can see in the fall. A bright red, orange and yellow maple tree against a bright blue sky. That, my friends, is what nature created colours for. I could just stand and watch such a scenery till the leaves fall off... Of course the bus came before that and I had to leave the tree to be beautiful against the sky without me staring at it.

The last thoughts in the pool today go to Tomi and Hanne. I haven't heard anything new since about 12 hours ago, but it could well be that Hanne is already holding their firstborn in her arms. All the best to the whole family. May all the Elven Stars shine brightly on the path of your first child.

And so I close my blog for the day, happy as a clam. :)

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