Friday, November 12, 2004

Lessons in aerodynamics

They didn't have those (the engineers) when they designed my car. Should've taken some, says I. Had one of those very interesting drives today, when I can't help but imagine my poor Skoda rolling over and straight into the ditch. The weather has been that bad the whole day. Stormy winds and rain. At least I have to say the car looks better when it's wet - the paint is normally completely dull & matte and the only way to make it look shiny, is to get it wet. Looks like a brand new car now. :)

Thank goodness it's Friday. I only have one more week of work and then it's back to my studies and my thesis. Amazing how fast the time goes. I sure do hope it slows down when I'm doing research and writing the "Big G".

Got some good feedback from my students today. One of the girls gave a short speech (they all did, because that was the theme of the lesson, giving speeches) on good and bad ways of learning communication skills. She used the communication skills course I'm teaching as an example of quality learning. :) Isn't that something? In addition I've noticed from the essays the students have been writing, that they have actually listened to me every once and a while. Most interesting.

Whee, I got tickets for Hamlet. I'm looking forward to going to theatre after a long, long time. It's hopefully going to be a god interpretation of the play, I'm sort of rewarding myself with a night at the theatre after I get done with work in Nousiainen. A nice thought it is, indeed.

Sunday is Father's Day and I need to go get dad something. Don't exactly know what yet, but a walk in the shopping centre will, no doubt, give me some ideas of how to spend my money wisely. (Whether I'm capable of "wisely spending my money" is a question well worth pondering a good long while about, but I'll let it pass now...)


GullWings said...


I was searching for your guestbook but wasn't able to find it. *sigh*
So, I use this empty space to fill it with my few words. :)
Originally I just wanted to drop a few words to your GB and tell you that I like your blog, but then ...
My car is from Sweden and they do know about aerodynamics. :)

Have a nice weekend,

Johanna said...

Hi, Michael!

Nice to know you like my blog, I'm flattered. How on earth did you come by it anyway? :)

I'm sorry I don't have a separate guestbook - I'm not that skilled with this forum... But comments are welcome and appreciated! ;)

I envy you for your aerodynamic car. I'll have one one of these days, I'm sure.