Monday, November 08, 2004

Respect MY authority!

No, I haven't had a fit in front of a class today. Instead there's been an episode of utter frustration and despair with... (you guessed it) ... my car.

The darned thing passed the annual check up last week (after the brake thingies had been replaced with shiny new ones) and just as I had thought that it wouldn't be causing me gray hairs for a while, it did just that. It didn't start yesterday as I tried to leave for Nousiainen. Some harsh words later I basically gave up and later in the evening came to Nousiainen with my brother. Royally pissed about the whole thing, obviously.

Well, today, after a nice day at work, we (dad and I, that is) went to see if there was anything that could be done about things. I had joked that the car probably starts right away, when dad stands next to it. And you know what happened?

Yes. Right. Exactly so. I seem to have no authority whatsoever when it comes to this vehicle. I think I may have to make a cardboard figure of dad just to fool the car to think dad is there to watch it.

But all in all, the car's running again so I shouldn't complain. But I know I'd have a few less worries, if I didn't have to worry about the car, too. I even dreamed last night that it wouldn't start and I had to run to work in the rain. Gaah.

Such is life. Life of an owner of an eastern European old car.

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