Thursday, November 25, 2004

Wrong species, oops!

Remember the odd piece of garden decoration I told about last week? I had another look at it yesterday (on my way home from Parainen) and -gasp- noticed that I had totally misjudged the poor thing. It's not a floating head of a cute bambi, oh no. They weren't antlers I had seen sticking up from the head, they were ears. I had to adjust my thought patterns really quickly because of this new piece of information. It's a small donkey. Deer, donkey - an easy mistake to make when driving by at 60 km/h in the dark, don't you think? :)

Another mistake I've made lately was to misspell the name of the band in the Finnish rant about pronouncing h in Finnish words. It's not Smack but Smak. Terribly sorry for that. But the song is still awful, no mistake there.

So. I stand (self)corrected now. Now I think I'll go and plan my dance classes for the evening. I'm so happy that the Christmas break begins next week. I'm having difficulties motivating myself to do the job. It's awful, really. The students have paid for the course and expect me to be cheerful and energetic when all I want to do is stay at home and read. Or watch movies. Or do anything else except for teaching a dance class. So the break will be more than welcome. Then I have only 12 more weeks to go in the spring, since I'm very seriously thinking about quitting teaching for a while at least after next spring term. I need to move on and start concentrating on real work and other things.

Oops. There we have it. See my motivation? I need to go now. :)

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