Wednesday, March 23, 2005

An experiment with pictures

A presentable trio, this one. Tytti, yours truly and Kirsi all in festive mood last fall. I'm posting this picture just because I'm learning how to use the picture posting program... :) Posted by Hello


Johanna said...

OMG! I actually managed to get the picture online! I cannot believe this! This means that I won the competition, Tytti! ;)

Anonymous said...

I would not have recognized you, you have changed since I last seen you in Tim Logans kitchen


Johanna said...

To be honest, Greg, I'd be a bit worried, if I hadn't changed since that at all... ;) Ten years will do that to a teenager - change them. Fortunately. :)

Robert Micallef said...

Hey Johanna,
Glad you have handled your picture experiment well - so now you can give us more of your photos :)

Johanna said...

Yes, Robert, I can indeed. That's why I sent one roll of pictures for developing last week. :) In other words, the pictures I'll be posting won't be of "current events", because I don't have a digital camera yet. But maybe one of these days... :)

Anonymous said...

Hei, unohdit kertoa, mistä loisteliaasta ja legendaarisesta tilaisuudesta tuo kaunotarten kuva on otettu :)

Nimimerkillä "omakehu haisten"

Johanna said...

Hehheh, vaatimattomuusko se on, joka kaunistaa? ;) Hyvät oli vuosijuhlat, toivottavasti vanhenette äkkiä lisää, että saadaan toiset! :)