Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Mere three weeks

It was all I needed. Three more weeks. But no, surely it would've been asking for too much. Thanks a bunch, whatever deities decide over cars and how they work.

Mine didn't today and I'm majorly pissed off about it. The darling old Skoda of mine should've worked for three more weeks and then I would've been done with the dance lessons in Parainen and Lieto. I'm going to have to try again tomorrow, but if it doesn't cooperate, I'm forced to begin my biking season to get to Uittamo to fetch the Peugeot from grandpa. Today was a mix of getting my brother to drop me off at grandma's & grandpa's, getting their car & driving it back and forth to Parainen (I ended up being late from class because all of this) and eventually walking home later in the evening. I don't mind walking, but all in all I would've preferred a car that works...

It just felt like it wasn't my day today. Sometimes I do wonder why on some days I feel so out of tune with the world, even though the day would've been quite ok for the most part. Like today was. I got to go shopping for the materials for the Eximia course (well, two thirds anyway, now I have to wait another two weeks for the bookstore to get the last book for me, aagh), bought the last Harry Potter novel (finally!) for myself (got a good discount) and even found a decent movie soundtrack cd for only 2 euros. (A bargain, that one!)

Why is it that some days just don't match your life? Come to think of it, it could actually be a sign of the Matrix actually existing... The days that don't feel like they are "yours" would actually be a mistake in the programming and were meant for someone else. Wouldn't that be annoying?

Nah, the theory isn't very good. I suppose I like the old saying of getting up on the wrong foot better. Except that I get out of bed on the same foot every morning, since my bed is in the corner and it's just natural to roll out the same way every day. What made this morning different from any other? I still have a problem.

I hope some of my problems will be solved tomorrow. I so hope I'll finally get the word that the first Spin of the year is ready for print, that I actually get some serious studying done (for a political science exam and the Eximia course) and that I can drive my own car to Lieto in the evening. I don't think it'd be too arrogant of me to wish for all of this. Right? Right.

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Tytti said...

Sorry to hear you are out of tune and even your old faithful car has betrayed you. I know exactly what you mean by feeling you are living someone else's life. I feel that quite often. Why is it always that someone else's life usually sucks? Which was it... the red or the blue pill that woke you up...? I hope you can kick some life to the old Wonder of the East yet! ;)