Thursday, March 17, 2005

More things to do and less time to do it?

Oy, my schedules... As you've probably noticed from the lack of updates around here, I've been way too busy lately. How is it that everything always piles up? Especially everything I need to do. I so need a vacation. :)

Anyhow, despite the nagging feeling that I haven't been able to accomplish anything lately, I have actually been a busy little bee. I passed the exam I took last Friday (with flying colors, too!) and now there's one less exam to take before graduation. Yay! Only two more on the various topics of political sciences, one on the corporate economics (blergh, hate it) and then there are a few loose ends to tie up at the history department. Shouldn't be a problem, though. Especially, if I get the job at Eximia, I could probably get some study credits from that too.

About the job at Eximia, then. I went and gave the sample lecture on Tuesday and I think it went well enough. The lady who was there to "judge me", was very nice and after my lecture we talked for about 40 minutes extra. She told me about the details of the job, and I couldn't but wonder if that was a good sign or not. But since I have no idea of the level of competition I'm facing, I simply don't know if I'll get the job or not. They said they'd inform me next week. I hope I get it. It'd be great. It'd be very challenging to teach people who are seriously motivated to learn history.

I'm not saying that kind of students are totally non-existent in normal classrooms (well, where would the historians come from if not from regular classes?), but instead there are always some kids who couldn't care less and are just sitting in the classroom because they have to. I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be people like that on this course. At the price they're paying, I'd be surprised to see one of them nod off during class... Oh, but in that case the fault would be mine, oops. Well, I'll just have to prepare absolutely amazing lessons, if I get the job. ;)

On to a totally unrelated matter. I have a new(er) computer now! Yippee! And a new big(er) and non-broken screen, too! Whee! And can you believe it, I was able to install quite a lot of programs and such all by myself. Aren't I the cleverest? :) I'm sure I haven't done anything remarkable here, but since I am an honest simpleton when it comes to computers, I have to boast a bit. There are only a few problems left to solve. Like my other email account. I can't access it yet, I suppose it has to do with the different servers for incoming and outgoing emails. Or some other detail in the account settings I've failed to locate so far. Will have to work on it.

As is the case with the old email address book of mine. It was copied from my old computer to the new one, but I can't for the life of me import it into the new program. Darn. Oh, and what really bums me out is that I completely forgot to mention to Mikko, who put this new machine together, that I hadn't had time to make a copy of my old bookmarks folder... So now I'm in the middle of a very slow process of trying to find all the important webpages again. That, to be honest, sucks so bad.

Luckily there are some good distractions available, so I don't have to keep fretting about problems like that all the time. I completely forget them when I watch the episodes of the final season of Angel. I think I have four more episodes left and then there are no more, ever. *snif* Why do all the really good series come to an end so soon? Only five seasons? I would've liked to watch at least five more. Especially with Spike on the show, too. Yummy.

I can't hype about everything that happens yet, because the season is being shown on tv too, and I don't want to spoil it for those, who are watching it an episode per week... But I do have to say I one of my favorite moments was when a character called Ratio Hornblower was introduced! ;)

Hmm. I'm sure there was (once again) a million other things I was going to babble about, but I'm letting you off the hook now. Or soon, at least. :) I still have all the stuff I couldn't sell last Saturday (our second flea market trip with Satu, not as much income as the previous time & place) lying around the apartment. I need to do something about it. Preferably sooner than later.

Or maybe I should write the "learning diary" for yesterday's Shakespeare -lecture. I'm really looking forward to the rest of this course that began yesterday. It's about hearing Shakespeare, using Hamlet as an example. The lecturer (Bruce Johnson) comes from Australia, and it was so much fun listening to him. Not to mention interesting. Yesterday we discussed the transition from the culture of listening to a culture of seeing, from the spiritual perspective of the medieval world to the more dynamic and physical views of the reneissance. It was all very interesting. Compared to the Finnish dialects course, which is frustrating me more and more every week. Gaah. I won't get into that now, though. In fact, I'm going to not get into anything anymore. This'll be enough for now. :)


Mikko said...

I'm glad to see that you got your internet connection working again. And managed to get many prorams installed, too. I'm very sorry about your bookmarks and address book. I really wasn't thinking very cleverly after having installed various computers for about six hours. And I got a headache - that was something worse than just that because I caught a flu and inflammation of the ear. Now I'm on antibiotics. Not nice...

Johanna said...

Mikko, don't worry about the bookmarks and address book - I'm recreating them already. And the addresses are in the computer (if I understand correctly), I just don't know what to do with the file... :)

So sorry to hear that you got sick after the ordeal. You should've won in the lottery instead, or something, because you did a great job with the computers. Thanks once more! :) See you tomorrow!