Friday, July 15, 2005

Achievement Award of the day

...goes to me and my prep course students! Today the university announced the names of the people who were accepted to study within the various departments of the Faculty of Humanities. The department of history was naturally included.

I was extremely curious about how my students had done and who had been accepted. Turns out that 9 of the 13 students I taught on the course were accepted! A mighty good percentage, I'd say. I had hoped for 4 or 5 of them to get in, but 9 was way more than I expected. I suppose I didn't do any irreparable damage to their process of preparing for the entrance exam, after all. :)

As a result of these wonderful news I spent most of the morning sending emails to congratulate the "kids". One girl had already emailed me a thank you note before I had even seen the results and three more had answered my emails during the day, thanking me for my help. It feels good that I had the possibility to help these kids to get forward in their life. I feel pretty accomplished myself, even though they were the ones that had to take the exam and study for it. But you know, it always feels good to get a few nice thank you notes even though the students themselves did most of the work. You know, were I a cat, I'd be purring right now. :)

A nice weekend ahead again. I had to cancel my trip to Tampere tomorrow, because frankly, I couldn't really afford it and I need to begin studying for my next exams (on Finnish history) for real. However, I don't know if the decision will save me any money (or give me any more time to study, for that matter), because tomorrow there's an archery event at Kurala (where I'm making my bow, which isn't quite yet finished, btw) and I'm afraid I might find something I need, heh. Like arrows or something. And even worse is the situation when I get to the book market event on Sunday. I hope I don't find any good books I'd need (read: want) to own... We'll see. Maybe I'll strategically forget my purse home. ;)


Tigerlily said...

Congratulations!!!! What a great feeling, to know you made a difference to them. Isn't that what teaching is all about?

Good luck with your own exams!

Johanna said...

Thanks! You're spot on about the great feeling. That's exactly what I love about teaching, really.

About my own exam - 90 pages read for it, only about 910 left... Guuhh. I'm sure I'll do fine, ahem. (Well, I do have a few more weeks to study, though. Luckily.)