Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A little bit of sweat and just a sprinkle of sawdust

I finished my bow today! Whee! It's beautiful, even if I say so myself. :) Tomorrow or on Thursday I think I need to go and shop for arrowheads and feathers, so I can make a pile of arrows during the weekend with the help of dad. And then - I'm all ready for archery practice! Can't wait. Later on I can figure out how I'm going to solve the quiver problem.

I had a really good day at work today, too. I'm hoping my last three days as a direct sales person go just as well, so I'll end up with a positive frame of mind (and at least some money coming my way) when I step out of that door on Friday at 7 p.m. Three more days. 12 hours. A piece of cake. :)

Then, it's a three week panic before school begins. Three weeks filled with studying for three exams, planning the first Finnish & literature course for the seniors, reading the novels the seniors were required to read during their vacation (which means I have to read at least three Finnish realist novels in just a few days) and possibly preparing also the first few weeks of teaching to some junior high history class. Oh, and putting together Spin no. 3 for 2005. Geez. Can I have a vacation of my "vacation"?

But seriously, I'm very excited about "real" work beginning, even though I may be a bit stressed out because of it now (and in the future). And I've still got almost a month to do all the preparations. Which is plenty of time, right? Gotta keep thinking positively. :)

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