Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sweat and sawdust

In other words, I'm about halfway done making my longbow! Whee! I hope to finish it tomorrow so I can get to the shooting part...

It probably would've been smarter to wait for cooler weather for this whole process, but even though I spent most of my afternoon sweating in a small room with no windows and lots of sawdust and powertools today, it'll be worth it when I can show people I've actually made myself a longbow. Without cutting any of my fingers off or anything. In fact there were two of us making bows today, and the other one, the guy, did have a tiny accident with one of the machines. I didn't. :) Gosh that makes me so proud of myself, because the last time I did any kind of woodwork must've been in the 6th grade.

It's the small joys in life that count. ;)

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