Thursday, August 11, 2005

Just out of curiosity

There's been this "Do you read me?" -meme going around at various LJ's I read. The point of it being that everyone reading that particular lj would "turn themselves in" by commenting.

As it's getting pretty near the first birthday of my blog, I decided it's time to find out who visits the Pool. I'm sure most of the people reading my ponderings are my friends and have commented at least once, but nevertheless, I'd like to find out if there are people just lurking around. :)

In other words, if you read my blog, please drop me a comment. Don't be shy, just say hi or something. I'd be delighted to hear from you. All of you. :)


Tero said...

Poor, lonely post, just sitting there alone for hours... Well, now it has at least some company. :)

Jonathan said...

I pop in and read your blog sometimes, too; and back when you were writing about crusaders, I sent a bunch of my author friends over as well.

I found your blog on Kati's bookmarks, you see. Wasn't stalking you or anything.

Tigerlily said...

hrm..I can't remember how I found you...I think maybe you commented on my blog? And then I discovered you were a historian. So, automatically, you're cool with me. I really enjoy your thoughts and your obvious love of history.

Tytti said...

I read you dear, loud and clear. :) Here, there and everywhere.

Anonymous said...

What Tytti said. : )

What could separate us three? Even though Tytti isn't a historian. ; )


Johanna said...

Oh wow. At least five readers! :)

Thanks for providing company, the post is ever grateful to you, Tero.

Hi, Jonathan! Nice to see you read me too (and good to know you're not stalking me...). Author friends? Now that's scary! I should get back to writing serious stuff, then, shouldn't I?

Tigerlily, it's been so much fun reading your blog and I'm happy you've been popping by mine, too.

Tytti&Sarin. Together forever, huh? ;)

Anonymous said...


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Johanna said...

Hello, anonymous! Glad you liked what you saw here. Feel free to bookmark. :)

I did check out your site, looks informative. Luckily (or unluckily for your site, I suppose) divorcing isn't a current issue in my life in any way. But it's good that you provide a service to those who might need it.

Tarja said...

I read you :).

Anonymous said...

I don't read your blog, but my evil vampire twin does.

Er... never mind...


Johanna said...

Thanks, Tarja. Nice to have you too read me here and there. :)

Oo, an evil vampire twin? Great. My blog doesn't judge anyone by their nocturnal habits nor does it require every reader to be alive, either. *grin* But you're more than welcome to read, too, Hanne!

Kaisa said...

I read your blog too, of course.

Anonymous said...

I check in on you every couple of days or so to see what is new in your world. Greg

Tomi said...

Hmmph, when I first read your post, there were no comments yet, but I couldn't think of anything witty to say so I waited for an idea. Now just about everyone has commented but I still don't have a witty idea. Oh well. :-)

Mikko said...

Yes, I am reading this every now and then.

Anonymous said...

Me read blogs plenty. Me read Pool of Thought.


Johanna said...

Oo, great to see you around here too, Aatu! :)

And Greg, I'm so glad you still visit my blog. Hope you're doing well.

No witty ideas required, Tomi. Feel free to comment non-wittily, too. ;)

Mikko and Kaisa, happy to have you guys as readers as well.

I'm sure there are still some readers lurking around, but you know, this is already quite a nice bunch of people. Or to put it in another way, a scaringly big bunch of people who know way too much about me... ;)

It'll be fun to continue blogging when I know I'm not talking to the empty walls. Thanks, guys!

Merisiili said...

Selailen silloin tällöin.