Tuesday, August 16, 2005

That's my girl!

She's adorable. Utterly adorable. She frowns when people take pictures (the flashes are eeevil), pouts her little mouth and likes to stretch her legs. I haven't yet seen her eyes, as she was asleep all the time we were visiting. I'm sure she'll be one charming little girl when she grows older, because she had us all cooing in less than five seconds. :)

Her parents were appropriately dazed with happiness (Kirsi probably also partly because of the painkillers she was still on, heh) and very much enchanted by the wee bitty bundle. As were we all. I bought her a fairytale book, a purple little shirt that says "I am gorgeous" and a small toy-lamb (which rattles). I thought that no goddaughter of mine will begin her journey in this world without a proper book of fairytales. :) These were the traditional Finnish animal tales, about the wily fox, the dumb bear and so on. I promised I'd also read the stories for her later.

Oh dear. I still don't have a "baby fever" myself, but as far as babies go, Aure sure was cute as a button. :) Tytti will probably post some of the pictures she took today in the hospital, so check her blog for pics. Mine will be available after considerably longer time. Unfortunately.

However cute the baby was, I have to move on with the program. Finishing touches to tomorrow's lesson plans and then frantic dishwashing and other cleaning before I fall down to bed exhausted. The Australian couple will be coming this way tomorrow afternoon and my apartment is a mess. I need to make my place more presentable so I can let them in... Although I'd much rather go to bed right now and sleep till morning... *yawn* But because that would cause me to fall into fits of sheer panic tomorrow, I won't do that quite yet.


Aino said...

I stopped by to see the little princess this evening. Indeed, she seemed none too fond of flashing cameras! Sleepy though she was, she opened her eyes a bit to peer at me. =) Such a cute little bundle! Congratulations, godmother!

Tigerlily said...

She sounds lovely! Don't forget, no goddaughter should go through life without Roald Dahl's books, either...maybe in a few years?! :-)

Johanna said...

Thank you, Aino. :) She really is a cutie.

Tigerlily, you're absolutely right. I haven't read all of R.D.'s books (I'm ashamed to admit it), so I'll definitely read them for Aure and enjoy them myself. :)