Saturday, January 01, 2005

A Better New Year to All

Happy New Year, folks. May it turn out to be better than the one before, if possible. I certainly wish for a few turns for the better, although my last year was fairly good and fun most of the time.

What will I remember from last year? Let's see. I'll most definitely remember the Fantasy Feast we organized this summer, for a multitude of reasons. Interesting people, lots of archery (a darned big bruise to prove it, too) and canoeing in the middle of the night, gazing at the shooting stars and the moon. Just to mention a few of the highlights.

I'll remember this as the year my old high school best friend, Kirsi, had her firstborn daughter, Amanda. Kirsi used to complain she'd never find herself a man and that she'd die a lonely spinster. Well, that just shows how you never know. All the best to Kirsi, Matti and little Amanda.

Same goes naturally to all of the babies of 2004 and their parents in my circle of friends. Quite a bunch of you already. (I'm really becoming an oddity...)

I'll remember 2004 as hopefully the last year when I had to work on a pitifully low pay in the summer. I'll settle for merely low pay this year... Although it was an experience not likely to happen again, to work at the history departments archives - never have I been so happy the summer was quite rainy! Mummified in the cellar level of the building, leafing through letters and photos of which some were over a hundred years old, I didn't get to see much of the sun during the summer months.

What else was there? Jeesh, what did I do for a year? Studied, worked, had marvellous times with my friends, wrote my first ever fanfics (don't ask!) and still didn't learn to say no to all who want me in some kind of "important post" in some society or group. This was the way my days passed last year, quite calmly in the old usual ways. Which is good.

For this year I wish a bit more action. I hope to finish my thesis and graduate (awful lot of work to do to achieve that, but I'll have to try). That's the first one. Secondly I'd really like to meet some guy, who isn't a selfish lout, a boring geek or in any other way wrong for me. But if it doesn't happen, I'll settle for my darlings Ioan, Orli and Viggo. ;) (Of whom my friends wrote nice things on my car windows last night when we went out to see the fireworks - thanks a bunch, now I may actually have to wash the car to get rid of the evidence!) Which means there are a few interesting movies coming this way...

There. I do think I need to go and clean up the rest of the mess from last nights party. My plans of inviting just a few friends over ballooned into a bit bigger crowd of ten guests plus me. Plenty of food (this time a moderate amount of everything), a few drinks and lots of fun discussions. Not the wildest party you could imagine, but I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks, guys, for coming. But I do need to say something to you all...



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