Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Turning down money and other peculiarities of my recent life

I'm probably at the moment living the most frustrating period of my life. I've got no regular income, but I still can't work as much as I'm asked to, since I really, really have to finish my studies and graduate, dammit! Which then means I have to turn down quite nice offers of work and at the same time quite nice pay checks. *sigh*

In the last two days I've had to say no to two job offers for a month's substitute teaching in two different schools. Partly because I'm not sure how long I'm needed in Nousiainen (whether mom will get to work next Monday or not, that's the unanswered question at the moment) and partly because the rest of this month has to involve some serious research, writing and studying. Oh well. It's only money...

This past weekend was an interesting one. I was invited to a birthday party in Uusikaupunki and sure I went, even though I didn't get to borrow dad's nice car. It was, after all a dear friend who was turning thirty-somet... oops, 25, I mean. I didn't know anyone at the party but Heli, since naturally most of her friends are from Uusikaupunki and I'm not. During the evening, however, I found out that the world around here is very small. One of the girls there was a classmate of my brother's ex-girlfriend and knew therefore things about my brother she didn't tell me. (Need to know basis, I suppose, and I didn't need to know...) One girl there knows my exact namesake, who probably gets quite a bit of my emails, when my friends try to guess my email address at the University. Besides knowing the other Johanna, this girl also knew my friend Kaisa. Then there was a guy, who had lived in the same apartment building as I, some five years ago. This is also why he knew a person who is a friend of my mom & dad's. Very funny, this closer-than-six-degrees-of-separation-thingy. Small circles and so on.

The party turned out to be one of those that continues well into the night. I hadn't prepared for a night out, so I was a bit surprised to hear we'd be heading into the questionable night life (question being: is there any?) of Uusikaupunki. Apparently there are about three bars and the one we went to is the dancing bar / night club at the local hotel. When I saw it'd cost 8 euros to get in, I was quite taken aback. It doesn't cost that much even in the better night clubs in Turku and I was a bit reluctant to admit that a night in this particular club would ever be worth that much. Well, before I had time to recover from my shock, Heli had already paid me in. (Thanks, sweetie!) So in we went, I a heap of scepticism, the rest of the group quite happy and excited. I went and got me a drink of icewater (it was for free, heh) and settled down for a night of feeling superior (very typical native Turku trait) and, unfortunately, very old. (They weren't very strict with the age limit, it seemed. Some of the kids couldn't have been more than 16 years of age...)

However, the night turned out to be a lot of fun, I have to admit. I hadn't been out and about dancing in ages, and a relatively roomy dance floor was like a magnet to me. Besides, as it turned out, the scenery was very nice. Very nice indeed. :) You see, Uusikaupunki is a town with a fairly good basketball team, as I've understood it. They even have some American players reinforcing the team. Some of these guys were having a night out, as well. *swoon* A very tall, handsome and dark young man caught my eye immediately. :) I remained "ever watchful", because there were some pathetic little blondies surrounding him and his friend, who was equally tall and American, but not as handsome... But gosh, what a piece of eye candy that other guy was. *grin*

The downside of the partying (we weren't back at Heli's before 5 a.m.) was the fact that I'm still tired! Probably mostly because I slept very poorly for the few hours I managed to even try to sleep. Which was because some of Heli's friends came suddenly to visit in the wee hours when I was all ready to go to bed. Since Heli and the guys that came in stayed up, listening to music and discussing loudly (the guys were loud, because they weren't exactly sober) the sofa that was supposed to be my bed for the night was obviously very taken. Heli was kind enough to let me sleep in her bed, but all that noice in a strange place resulted in a very tired person. So I'm still catching up...

It's been nice to return to Nousiainen to teach for a week (or possibly two). The seniors know me already and I don't have to waste any time building up my credibility. I worked that in already in October and November. And with the younger students, they're taking a course I taught in the fall already to another group, so I don't have to spend all my time planning lessons. Very nice. Tomorrow I have the easiest day of the week. I go in for exactly 45 minutes in the afternoon! It'll take me a longer time to drive back and forth to Nousiainen than teach that class...

Tomorrow the dance classes in Parainen (and on Thursday in Lieto) begin again after a glorious month's break. I have zero motivation. I haven't done anything towards planning new choreographies or anything else, for that matter. I just wish it'd be April soon and I'd be free... Hopefully the ladies will cheer me up with their energy, since I for sure have none left to spare.

Which brings to mind, I'm hungry. I need to go and eat something. Something healthy and light, that is. :)

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