Friday, January 14, 2005

A sphere of light in the sky

An odd display of light presented itself today. It was round and so bright that it hurt to look at it. There was something familiar about it though... oh wait, I think we used to have something called the sun visit the sky every once and a while sometime last spring. Could it really have been it? I wonder... And the color of the sky, I think it was called blue? Very beautiful. Made the day seem a lot longer. I think I could get used to it.

Not much else going on here. Or actually there is a lot going on, mostly work related and time consuming. Ergo not so frequent updates in my blog. (Sorry, Robert!) I'm getting back to all my old routines of driving back and forth to Parainen and Lieto once a week, planning Finnish lessons for the students in Nousiainen and so on.

Mom's sick leave is going to continue at least for a week and I'm going to be responsible for some extra arrangements at the school. There'll be an examination in communications' skills for the students on the 25th and as the second person evaluating the participants I'm going to have to see to it that all the preparations are made. It's actually quite nice to have something extra to do, gives me a sense of purpose. I'm not saying that the teaching itself would be somehow not rewarding, but this is something extra. As a substitute teacher I usually feel like a forlorn dustball in the corner. Nobody really pays any attention to it, unless it rolls into plain view. Then there's a certain curiosity, which is quickly forgotten when people realise it's just a dustball. That's me in any other school. But now I actually get to feel like a real teacher with special responsibilities! ;) That's fun.

You know how there's always a first time for everything? I had one of those first times this week. (I'll have none of that, you dirty minds, you!) I had never been stopped by the police on the road before. I've been driving for almost ten years and I've never had to blow into an alcometer. There was a police patrol stopping everyone to check for dui's when I drove home from Parainen on Wednesday. Whee, what fun. :) Needless to say, I was cleared and driving away from the scene within about ten seconds. Most definitely not dui. (I know, I have no life and this was downright pathetic, but hey, my life, my sad stories...)

Oh well, I'm going to go and act more like the sad spinster that I am - I'm going to watch Return of the King with the actors' commentary on. Ought to be fun. I'll have a cup of de-caf tea on the side. I think I'll try to stay awake for about a half of the movie. I'll spare the rest for a lonely Saturday night... We live in exciting times. At least I do. Sometimes. I think. Bye now. :)

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