Thursday, January 27, 2005

Moving pictures

Well, well. I seem to keep myself very busy somehow and feel like I've neglected the Pool. Time to do something about it.

On Tuesday the nominations for the Oscars were announced. Surprisingly the Phantom of the Opera -spectacle didn't get a nomination for best costume design. Instead, it got nominated in categories like best cinematography and some other smaller categories. What surprised me was the nomination of Troy for the costume Oscar. I did love the blue pieces of fabric the guys were wearing, but were they worth an Oscar? Well, I suppose they may have been. We'll see in February.

I haven't seen any of the "big" movies yet. Scorcese's The Aviator premiers today in Turku, if I don't remember wrong. I think I'd like to see it. I don't know if I'm that interested in Million Dollar Baby, but Closer I'd definitely like to see, even though it's not on the Best picture list. And most definitely I'd like to see Johnny Depp in Finding Neverland. Sideways seems like a good piece of entertainment, too. Lots of movies to wait for. Nice.

Oh, oh, oh! While surfing the Oscar nominations, I bumped into a very interesting piece of information. Stellan Skarsgård has been cast as William "Bootstrap" Turner for Pirates of the Caribbean 2! Interesting choice, I'd say. Empire has the story. I can't wait for that particular movie, if it was to premier tomorrow it wouldn't be too soon. I so hope they get as funny a script for this sequel as the original had. Ought to be loads and loads of brilliant fun and gorgeous men... (krhm)

At this point I need to change the topic, otherwise I'm going to begin ranting and raving (as Kaisa once so kindly put it) about certain actors and their excellent qualities... For instance, I'm positively sure that the character of Will Turner Junior (*swoon*) needs a long lost big brother who'd be perfectly cast if a certain Welsh swashbuckler (*SWOON*) would get the role. Hmm, who is it again that is writing the script for this and how do I contact them? :)

Actually, I think I'm going to wrap this up for now, because I need to go and "take my car for a walk". Temperatures have been freezing this week, which has meant a lot of familiar problems for me. Getting in the car is an adventure in itself and to melt the poor thing down at least a bit, I need to drive it to a parking hall of one of the supermarkets. And then lazily shop around for at least 30 minutes... :)

I'll be around. :)


Tytti said...

Erm... after seeing (a relatively stupid teen-) movie "What a Girl Wants" with Colin Firth stealing the show once again, I'm more and more tempted to think that along that nice swashbuckling big brother, Will Jr. would also have use for a good and dependable (and handsome) elder male relative (say a governor uncle on some small harbour town) who is actually in want of more adventure. :P

Johanna said...

Oh, absolutely! Such an uncle is, in my opinion, of vital importance to the character development of both younger Turner's and the overall story arch. :)