Monday, February 28, 2005

And the Oscar goes to...

Ah, it was that time of year again. Time for the Academy Awards galore. Glamour, glamour, glamour. And a whole lot of bling bling to top it all.

I learned my lesson last year, when I only had a 3-hour tape for the gala. I actually missed the end, mainly the final thank you's of the RotK-crew. Gaah. It's not like that was the reason why I taped the whole show, oh no... Well, this year I was prepared with a 4-hour tape and it was probably the first time in years they were done with the giving away of little golden men ahead of schedule! Typical.

So I spent most of today in front of the tv, since I also visited Tytti and watched a few films with her in the afternoon. I just had to watch the whole show as soon as possible. (In other words, no thesis writing today - I'll make up for it tomorrow, though!) I'm funny that way, but not nearly funny enough to stay up from midnight till 7 a.m. to watch the live feed. Oh no, I need my sleep, hence the help of the VCR.

This year's awards were just a wee bit odd to watch since I haven't seen any of the most important nominated movies yet. Every time I think about renting Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I'm too late and there's no copy left in my neighboring movie rental place. Closer and Sideways only just opened in Finland, so I haven't had time to check those out yet. The Aviator has been showing for quite some time already, but I haven't found the time to go and see that, either. I don't know if I'm that interested in the Million Dollar Baby anyway (although I'm sure it's a marvellous movie, judging by its success last night) and Ray, well, I'd like to see that one day. The music'll surely be outstanding and Jamie Foxx seems to have gotten his Oscar for a truly exceptional performance. Finding Neverland I've got to see, but it will remain to be seen when the time for that will be. What else? Oh, I did see Shrek 2 and Kinsey, as I've mentioned before. And few others, that were nominated in some of the "smaller" categories.

As I don't have much to say about the movies (I'll be sure to return to those as soon as I see them) this time around, I'll just have to say a few other things I noted.

First of all. Could someone please tell me what was it all about with Beyoncé? Her French was horrific (please, take some tutorials or stick to English, ok?) and frankly, I would've loved to listen to someone else sing at least two of the tree songs she performed. Like the artists that performed them originally? How's that for a radical thought?

Secondly, I think there were some jaw-droppingly-gorgeous ladies (and at least one man, fortunately not wearing a gown) in equally stunning gowns & jewellery. They didn't show any major fashion fumbles (I've got to check some other place, like a mag or a website for those), but in my list there were a few sparkling diamonds based on what I saw. Literally and metaphorically speaking. Halle Berry. Reneé Zellweger. Natalie Portman. Above mentioned Beyoncé's jewellery during the song from The Phantom of the Opera. Scarlett Johansen's jewellery in her hairdo. Orlando Bloom.

Natalie Portman looked like a Greek nymph. She was simply elegant. Halle Berry's dress was very sleek and very sensual, IMO. And for Ms Jones - what an entrance! Reneé Z. glided through the stage in her red gown to present an award like she was royalty. The kilos she's lost after Bridget Jones 2! I only wish I could do the same. (I suppose I'll have to start saving up for a personal trainer too, among other things.)

Sigh. You know which job I'd really like to have? The job of one of the ladies who bring the statuettes to the stage and then escort the winners backstage. They get to wear nice dresses and hang with the stars on stage. Wouldn't that be fun? I'm sure it would. But how do I apply? I'm sure I'd be tall enough for the part, but I'm not so sure about the other requirements, though. There are bound to be other requirements. Oh well. A girl can dream, right?

Actually, the girl really needs to dream, literally. I'm about ready to start sleepwalking now. Or sleepblogging, to be more exact. In order to prevent this, I... *yawn* See my point? Better go. Ta ta.

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