Friday, February 11, 2005

Doable guys meme

I got this meme from vierran45 and I just had to post it here, too. What else is there to do for a single girl on a Friday afternoon than think about doable yummy men? ;)

The rules are simple: Pick five people who you would conceivably do right now. No invented people, no dead people, no 'were attractive in their prime but not now' people. If they're on your list and you meet them tomorrow, you can do whatever dirty deeds you want with them and whoever you're with isn't allowed to get mad.

Of course, if you're not with anyone at the time, then limiting yourself to five people is just silly.
Who would you put on your list? Post your list with pictures, because we could all do with more of The Hot in our lives.

Those were the rules and here's my list. (I'm, once again, having a few problems with the pictures, so please excuse me for having some only as links.)

1. Ioan Gruffudd

A gorgeous Welsh actor whose Lancelot makes my knees weak.

2. Orlando Bloom

Oy, to be that ring...

3. Viggo Mortensen

The scruffier the better, especially as Aragorn.

4. David Boreanaz

Dark and delicious...

5. Karl Urban

A very cute kiwi!

Gosh, that was somewhat difficult. The first three, no problems, but the two remaining... who to pick, where to find nice pictures... Although the rules said I could've listed more yummies as I'm single, I think these five will do just fine for now. (Btw, do you see a pattern to my taste? I seem to have picked only dark men with strong facial features. Must be what I like, heh.)

Well, go on ladies, feel free to comment and share the meme! ;)


Anonymous said...

I think everybody is well aware of my opinions (heh!), but here they come once again.
Ioan - not my taste
Orlando - definitely not my taste
Viggo - I agree, but only in a platonic way. ; )
David - I don't even dare to comment...
Karl - Hey, he is MINE!!!


Johanna said...

Hey, but how about those men who would be on your (completely platonic) to do-list? That's what we're interested in. ;)

Anonymous said...

OK, now I wish I had a blog of my own and culd post a list of "doable gals".


Johanna said...

Well, Ben, just list the gals here. It's allowed. :)

Aino said...

Hmm, lessee...

My doable guys list, in random order because I can't decide, would include
Karl U - can't we all ride the Riddermark stallion, girls? ;)
Sean Bean - the chiselled blond type
David Wenham - different gorgeous blond type
Colin Firth - dark and smouldering
and probably Russell Crowe

As for doable girls, I'd definitely do Catherine Zeta-Jones

Aino said...
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Anonymous said...

OK, I suppose I asked for this and have only myself to blame. ;)

Here's the official "Ben's list of women who make polygamy, or at least sex with other than your spouse, a tempting idea" (or "doable gals" if you want the short version):

Monica BellucciAn obvious choise, the definitive number one, the rest in this list come quite a bit behind. Bellucci is the only good thing about Matrix 2 and 3.

Miranda OttoÉowyn from LotR ofcourse, but she does look at least as good out of character too.

Uma ThurmanI think I see a pattern emerging.

Mary SteenburgenA long time crush; a gal doesn't have to be young to be doable. ;)

Laura PreponWell, my list wouldn't be my list without a ravishing redhead. ;)

I have a small nagging feeling that I have left out someone obvious, but on the other hand I'm quite pleased with this list.

And just to make things a bit more interesting, here's a list of men whom I find very good looking (I'm pleased with me as I am, but if I could, I wouldn't mind looking like one of these guys):

Adrian Paul from the Highlander tv-series. (Sorry, didn't find the kind of picture I would have liked to link to, so you just have to go to his page at

Bernard Hill as Theoden.

Karl Urban, but only in his Éomer look.

Aino said...

I agree with Ben about Bernard Hill; he's very charismatic. His Théoden was, in my not so humble opinion, much more kingly than Viggogorn.

Tero said...

Ben, shame on you! Have you totally forsaken Kate?

Anonymous said...

Tero, you got this all wrong. Kate is definitely not a "doable gal"! She's a goddess and those usually do not evoke sexual feelings (well unless the goddess in question happens to be the goddess of love/sex like Aphrodite in Xena the Warrior Princess :) ).


Johanna said...

(Whee, this is quickly becoming a record breaking post when considering the amount of comments, yay!) :)

I think I do have to list gals too, since Ben was brave enough to list guys and Aino mentioned CZJ already.

These ladies would be on my list:

Nicole Kidman. Cate Blanchett. Claudia Black.

So there, from the top of my head. Let the discussion continue. :)

Aino said...

Argh, I forgot Gerard Butler and Kate Winslet! (since I'm single, I'm allowed more than five guys and gals respectively, right..?)

Johanna said...

Absolutely. :) I think I could add Ewan McGregor and Johnny Depp on my list, too. ;) And Karina Lombard.

Anonymous said...

I am not playing with you guys! Everybody is trying to steal my man Eomer.
And not just my man. Now Johanna has put dear Nicole on her list. It's not fair. I want something that's only mine! Mine, mine, mine! (Mikko who? ; )

For a while I was going to add Gerard Butler to my list, but that wouldn't have helped either. Thanks to Aino! For your information, I dreamed about Gerry last night. And the night before. Did you? No? See, he's mine. That's what they call fate. Or destiny. Or whatever. ; )

Oh yes, I have to mention Ray Park. Or Darth Maul. Both of them.
And no cruel jokes from Tero, please....; )


Tero said...

I wouldn't. What kind of a no good, two-bit crook do you take me for?

...oh, sorry, forgot you like two-bit crooks.