Friday, April 01, 2005

Moving around

What a nice day it was. I'm feeling pretty good about life at the moment. And why? Because I was able to help a friend today.

Satu got the keys to her new apartment today, so it was time to scrub the place from top to bottom and then haul all her stuff from her old place to the new one. In one word, move. I know I must be really weirdly put together, but I actually enjoy it when people move and I can help. I only wish I had the same energy when cleaning up my own apartment!

I've lived in the same apartment now for six years already (my gosh, has it really been that long??) and I'm not about to move anywhere. At the moment my finances would crash, if I were to do that (it helps to have one's grandparents as the owners of the apartment, they don't mind if the rent is a bit late sometimes, you see...). So the closest thing to a nice new beginning I can get, is to see someone else move. :) Ok, so I really didn't enjoy scrubbing the toilet, but at least I helped Satu get her place germ free... The whole place ended up smelling like those older swimming pools, that still have chlorine in the water.

There's one thing I personally like about moving. It's the reorganizing part of the deal. In some odd way I was a bit envious of Satu, who was left in the middle of a huge mountain of furniture, boxes, bags, flotsam and jetsam - just because she's going to have such a good time (she might disagree on this one, though) reshaping her world again. This goes here, that has to be the place for this and so on. I enjoy that a lot.

It's the same as with reorganizing a bookshelf. I suppose it has to do with the sense of having one's life in order, when everything is in their right places. Which, come to think of it, might be one of the reasons I've felt a bit chaotic and un-organized lately... Heh. Which then might explain the itch I had to begin moving things around in my apartment too, when I came home from Satu's place. Suddenly my place seemed messy, boring and well, "been there, seen that". And the downside to this urge is that there isn't that much I can move around.

My livingroom, for instance. I now have almost a full wall of bookshelving (2,2 metres, to be exact, wahoo), which is built around my tv cabinet. Since there is only one cable-tv outlet in the room, my tv has to be in that one corner. Or it "has" to, because it's most convenient that way. The tv then dictates the placement of the couch, which then dictates where I can put my dining table. I suppose I could switch them around, but then there would, once again, be a problem with the outlets. (Way back in the late 60's or whatever, when this building was built, people had fewer electric devices...)

I suppose these are excuses, as would be the reason for not moving around the stuff in my study and my bedroom- it would be damned hard to move around heavy furniture (like my antique-ish dressing table with a big mirror) alone. One more thing I need a man for. ;)

No, just kidding. I don't think that'd be my first reason for dating someone. Picture this situation: "Oh, by the way, after the movie, can you come up to my place? Huh? Nothing of that sort, how dare you! I merely want you to carry around some heavy pieces of furniture with me!" I'm sure I'd be every guys dreamdate after that... :)

Anyhow, I hope Satu will enjoy her new flat. It's a bit smaller than her previous one, but I'm sure she'll make it feel like home. She's good at that stuff. Besides, she has her own sauna now, which makes her just about delirious with glee. And she lives closer to me again, which is also nice. I might be able to benefit from that sauna sometimes, too. :)

A quick declaration of amazement and suddenly found happiness will be the proper way for me to finish today's post. My car worked yesterday! In fact it worked amazingly well, as I was able to get it going on the FIRST try! That never happens. Or very nearly ever. I think Wednesday's problems were about the gas pump and the inadequate flow of gas to the engine when the tank is less than half full... Argh. But after having been very grumpy about the whole car business all day long, just waiting for the whole ordeal of biking or whatever to Uittamo again, you can imagine my sheer delight when the car actually started right away. Life is good sometimes. :)

And finally, none of this was an April fool's joke. It's all real here at the Pool. :)


Aino said...

Well, well, well! I'll certainly remember to ask you to help me move when we've found a flat my parents want to invest in.

Actually, I already found one flat I really liked. It's in the same house Tytti and Jani live in. Now I'm waiting for the parents to decide whether they want to buy that one or wait for something else to come up.

Johanna said...

I'll be glad to help you when you move. :)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get the apartment you like. It'd be kinda fun to have both you and T&J live in the same building. :)