Friday, May 13, 2005

First day of summer

Ahh, how I love the blue sky and the sun! Today was, in my opinion, the first day of summer. Or at least the most summery day of the spring so far. I began my summer season by buying ice cream from the ice cream stand that has been brought back to the familiar corner by the park some weeks ago. As surely as the disappearance of that little stand was the sign of approaching winter, the first ice cream cone bought is always a sign of summer. :)

A good, although busybusy, day today. First there was the job interview. I don't know how much of it was a formality, but at least I got the job. I'm fairly happy about it. Only fairly happy, because I would've rather worked at a museum of some kind this summer, but happy nonetheless. I've now got a job that has very flexible working hours (I'm only required 48hrs of work a month, but am allowed to do more) , which allow me to dedicate time for my thesis and have a little bit of free time, too. Sure, I don't get paid much, but I'm positively sure I can sell some mags and therefore will be entitled to at least some bonuses. Besides, I'm there for only two months and in the fall I'm going to be doing what I actually want to do - so I can cope.

Had the fifth lesson with the history students today. Finished the second book. Phew. Poor kids, though. First they had to write down about 8 pages of notes from each other's transparencies (I had them do some independent studying and made them teach for a while) and then I slammed them with a pile of 11 transparencies... I felt a bit sorry for them, but I had to get all of the stuff covered.

Next week we're plunging into the history of Finland during the autonomy period. For me, this'll be the least exciting subject to teach, but at least it's older Finnish history and not modern political history. That'd be a killer. Three more regular lessons and one for final feedback and revision. Yay. :) Things are looking good.

A bit of fangirlish nonsense here at the end. I've got to get to the movies to see KoH again! The sooner the better. Dangermousie has just been fuel to the flames, so to say. Not that I mind it in the least. I've so needed the laughs and fangirly giggles (and bunch of other feelings better left unmentioned) her recent postings on KoH have provided for. Dear mother of all creation, how can there be a man that is as gorgeous Orlando? (Yes, yes, I feel a comment coming from Tero's direction, but oh well, that's a risk I'm willing to take.) Or as gorgeous as Ioan, for that matter. Having pondered this for a while yesterday, I put together a screensaver that has nothing but pictures of those two in it. Makes it reeally easy to blankly stare the screen for a few minutes just waiting for the screensaver to kick in. :) I think I have to cheer myself up a bit more and add a few pictures here to finish up a good day.

A nekkid knight, mmm.

A snowy knight with a bit too much clothing...

And, krhm, a white knight? Oh, heck, a drop-dead-gorgeous specimen of male hawtness...

More hawtness in soft earth tones, this time. *sigh*

As I've said before, I so want to see these two men in the same movie one of these days! *swoon*

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