Saturday, May 28, 2005

Stuff nightmares are made of

One word for you. Lava.

The ultimate scare for me. I dread even the thought of molten rock, just like I dread any thought of anything extremely hot and dangerous. Say, fire. I enjoy sitting by a campfire or a candle-lit room, but "wild" fire and burning hot metal or anything like that - not my part of the woods.

Luckily, no nightmares last night. Even though I saw plenty of ultra-scary lava flowing around and even burning a person up. *shivers*

Oh yes, I saw Star Wars Episode III - The Revenge of the Sith yesterday. OMG. I don't even know where to start unraveling the experience.

I think George Lucas really did what he was expected to - he tied the new movies and the original trilogy quite nicely together and delivered some seriously dark stuff into the saga.

How my heart broke for Anakin and his fall to the dark side. I felt so sorry for him, because he was so cleverly lured into a situation where he saw as his only chance to bow down to the Emperor. Ah, the angst, the angst!

I think I need to see this one again, to sort out my thoughts. (Although I wouldn't necessarily want to see all that lava again on a big screen...) But here are some odds and ends, random thoughts, if you like. Some spoilers ahead, be warned.

I did think Yoda kicked some serious butt in this one, but then again, he's always been a favorite of mine, along with young Obi-Wan. I did love the final scene where Luke is given to his aunt and uncle and they watch the twin suns - one of my favorite scenes from the original trilogy is the one, where Luke watches the same suns. Such a nice reference there. I didn't think the love between Anakin and Padmé was very convincingly portrayed, but on the other hand I think Anakin's struggle and fall was more convincing than I had hoped for.

I did like that Yoda explained with just one sentence how Qui-Gon had learned something very nifty... I could've cried my eyes out (I barely managed not to, btw) when it became apparent what Anakin would do to the younglings hiding in the jedi council room. I liked the fact that in the beginning of the movie, there were a few spots of lighter humour (I've always liked R2-D2, and I thought the adventures he had, were pretty funny) before all started to go seriously wrong.

It was nice to see Alderaan. And the other new planets. The sceneries were simply breath-taking. Wow.

My legs were a bit shaky when I got out of the theatre yesterday. Today I wore an old t-shirt to gym, with "The Force is strong with this one" printed on the back of the shirt, just to celebrate the event of seeing real Star Wars again. An absolute favorite of the new movies, most definitely.


Dave Lucas said...

Hello! I have read, reviewed, loved and included your post as an embedded link in an article I posted today on my blog!

Johanna said...

Hi there, Dave!

It's always a nice surprise to hear that someone has liked what I've had to say. :) So, thanks for posting your comment - and for linking to my blog.