Thursday, May 12, 2005

What a difference a night (and half a day) makes

It has been demonstrated once again how sleep reduces panic. Last night I was about ready for desperate measures because of all the work piling on my desk. As a result I had an angst attack about the lessonplans and decided I should calm myself down by grading essays... I was able to stay up reading and grading till 1.30 a.m. (I didn't say I was very smart about the schedule, now did I?) and got that stuff sorted out.

Slept a while (not too calmly, though) and in the morning my thoughts were running much more smoothly. Ergo, lessonplans and everything done in just a few hours. Go me.

Getting copies was the tricky part today. I ended up buying my transparency copies from a local copying firm, and that was a shock. The prize on those copies!! Three times as expensive as at the university. (All the university places were closed for some reason.) And naturally infinitely more expensive than the free copies I'd get through the copying firm in friggin' Espoo. But I just don't get stuff done early enough anymore to use their services. A bummer. Argh.

And then. Within a few days now I've found out that none of my job applications for this summer have resulted in a job interview. Blah. In desperation I filled out an electric form today for a local telemarketing firm, applying for an evening job for the summer. I need some income and I think talking on the phone would beat some other possible odd jobs out there. Besides the firm seems to have a bonus for its workers, free gym time at my regular gym. Great. I'm having visions of getting fit, writing a thesis and working in the evenings this summer. (Alas, no vacationing is included in this vision...)

For the story to be oddly positive, I do have to mention they called me from that firm a while ago. I think this was even faster than the process with Eximia. So I'm going for a job interview tomorrow morning. How funny is that? Yet, however I think about it, I have to admit that little income beats no income, so I'm going to go and be all about telemarketing tomorrow. At least I can always think about the fall and the wondrous moment I can actually begin as a regular (although part-time) teacher in Nousiainen.

Now if I only got my car sold (no one wants to buy my precious, boohoo) and managed to get that job tomorrow, then my life would be one notch further away from utter desperation and panic... :)

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