Monday, May 30, 2005


Oh dear me. Looks like I'm going to have to part with my dear car tomorrow. I got a message from a potential buyer asking me if the car could be picked up tomorrow evening. And that was about it, the person didn't even ask me too much about the condition of the car or anything. Just if he (or she, I don't actually know since the phone number was registered to a firm's name) could pick it up tomorrow. Yikes.

Fine by me, I thought. If he ends up buying it, I'm going to ask him to pay me right away in cash and that way I can actually go and buy a new pair of shoes for my cousin's graduation party, which is on Saturday. I'm just going to have to try and not cry when he drives away in, well, his car... I knew my sentimental feelings about the darned thing would make me hate to sell it, even if I know it's the sensible thing to do. *sigh*

Lots of other stuff going on, too. I had a nice and hectic weekend, which included providing a bed and breakfast service to my cousin, who was in town to take the entrance exam for the medical schooling. She said she didn't intend to get in this year, she just wanted to see the exam, so she could study better for next year. We had a good time (in fact, she was with me at the movies on Friday and felt equally amazed by RotS as I did).

On Saturday evening it was time for TSFS's spring party, this time with a theme of Fantastic Inn. There was a reasonably nice crowd (there could've been more, as the rent of the medieval cellar we had set our Inn in, is somewhat larger than our budget normally tolerates) and lots of nice and interesting discussions were had. About Star Wars, about Kingdom of Heaven, about the Fantasy Feast weekend for next year and about amusement parks, among other things.

Amusement parks were a current topic for me, because yesterday I got to go to Särkänniemi (an amusement park in Tampere) with Maarit and her coworkers & their families. All expenses (the bus ride and the entry to the park) paid. A nice day, even though it was cold as heck and I didn't go to more than two rides. I'm ridiculously afraid of all the movers and shakers that twist you around and hurl you upside down or whatever. I barely made it through the ordinary rollercoaster ride without screaming too much. I think I only yelped once and not too loudly, either. :) I just don't enjoy the idea of being thus tortured, I have good enough time if I watch others get strapped into the most different kinds of hurricane/tornado/twister/whathaveyou machines and listen to them scream their lugns out. I don't need to do that to feel alive or anything. Maarit, on the other hand, was happy enough to try out the scariest rides, like the one that was called Trombi, which was basically a rollercoaster ride with multiple loops and twists, with everyone strapped into a seat that lets your feet hanging in the air. It scared the bejeezes out of me just watching...

However, I was more than happy about being invited to go with Maarit, because I got to see the dolphins and that was the best part by far anyway. I hadn't seen the dolphins perform in probably something like 15 years. The oldest dolphin is my age! They were just beautiful. I'd love to see free dolphins some day, preferably somewhere tropical, where I could go swimming with the cute creatures. I did envy the little boy, who got to go pet the dolphins by the poolside, just a little bit. I was never chosen as a volunteer to do that when I was a kid - I'm ever bitter about that...

Today was the first day of work for me. Or actually, the first evening of training for the job. The people seemed nice enough and I think I can actually manage selling mags for two months. We were told that we'd be making our first customer calls on Wednesday. Yikes, indeed. The guys who are basically our bosses sounded like they could sell you white sand in the Sahara. I don't know if I'd ever be that good, but at least the firm has some good motivational tools. There are bikes, phones and digicameras etc. to be won in the company competitions. I think I could use a digicamera! I just have to get as many Donald Duck -magazines sold as possible. :)

Well, I'm off to read my wonderful new book. It finally came in the mail today. "Kingdom of Heaven": The Ridley Scott Film and the History Behind the Story, yay! Maybe I'll also read a chapter or two of the next Horatio Hornblower novel I began reading yesterday on the bus. I have some maritime terms to re-learn, that much I noticed already. :)

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