Sunday, June 12, 2005

Couch potato weekend

I meant to do a lot of things this weekend. Mainly study for the political sciences exam I have next Friday. Well, total pages read for the exam is less than ten at the moment, plus some 20 articles of the Finnish constitution...

I don't know what got into me, but slacking has definitely been the theme lately. What I have been doing, is watching tv. I rented a few Jude Law -movies on Friday after work and watched them. Liked both of them, too. Alfie and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, that is.

After seeing Alfie I understood why my little brother liked the movie so much. The beginning of the movie would seem to be some sort of dream life for him. Very nice clothes, beautiful ladies and so on. I think I recall him saying he'd like some of Jude's clothes - well, he could pick a worse wardrobe, if I may say so. I quite liked Jude's clothes, too. ;)

Besides the nice suits and shirts, my brother set his eyes on Alfie's Vespa. Dear me. My brother's a dandy of some sorts. Heee. Were we born in a different era, I suppose he'd be the little lord entertaining a huge society and I'd be the older sister, who never gets married and settles down for a life of teaching history or something rather to my younger relatives.

Oh wait. That's us right now. The only thing missing is that I don't live off his income and the kids that I teach aren't of any relation to us. Duh.

Well, what can I say. He's my brother and I love him. Even though he knows half of the population of Turku and has money to buy nice tailored shirts and so on. I'll get to that point by the time I'm 60. By then I've taught so many kids in my life that I'm bound to bump into some of them all the time. Hopefully I'll have money to buy expensive clothes then, too. I don't think I should count on that, though, considering the salaries of teachers in Finland...

I digress. Sky Captain turned out to be a bit more interesting than what I had expected. I had heard some comments that weren't exactly praising, but as I said already, I did eventually like the movie. Sure, the plot was a wee bit thin (ahem), but I found the visual look very fascinating. The old film noir sort of style combined with a distinctively cartoonish visuals made the look of the film refreshingly different.

Hopefully I'll get something done about everything tomorrow. Because now I'll go and be a slacker to the end, since Spielberg's Taken is on tv right about now and I don't want to miss the beginning. Catch you all later. :)

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