Monday, June 06, 2005

Why water in the bathroom isn't always a good thing

Problems with water today. Problems with everything but work today. In other words, a pretty lousy day today. "Blech" is the word to describe my feelings before work. Or maybe "blaah". Or possibly "yngh".

So why is water a problem in the bathroom? It's a good question and the answer is: the problem is the location of the water. You know you have a problem, when the paint in the ceiling bulges and feels like a water balloon. With water inside it, duh. Yup, my bathroom ceiling did just that today. Fun, fun.

Luckily it's none of my doings, but my new upstairs neighbours are the ones to blame. They're renovating their apartment and apparently they had managed to burst some kind of pipe somewhere, which then resulted in water seeping into all kinds of wrong places. Like under the paint in my ceiling, under the paint in the hallways downstairs and so on. Which then, most likely, results in renovating in my apartment.

I have thought about how nice it would be to renovate my bathroom, but to be honest, I didn't plan on doing it right now. If I'm lucky, all that needs to be done is to dry the ceiling and repaint it, but if I'm not lucky, the walls need to be redone, too. On the other hand, were that the case, I'd get the expenses paid by the insurance company of my neighbours, right? Not altogether a bad deal, either... ;) Ah, well, I don't think the watery accident was that serious, so I'll just get a newly painted ceiling, then.

Talked about the whole situation with my downstairs neighbours (who I know from the Uni, too) and we ended up pondering what kind of thick-headed morons the board of this apartment building consists of, because someone (with very little or no brain capacity at all) did make the decision that the small useless hallway balconies (the ones that are very rarely used when someone is dusting their carpets like once a year) were fixed last fall, but the pipes in the building are still the original ones from the sixties. It'll be a lot more expensive job, when the water pipes totally fall apart and have to be fixed after we all get that nice watery & floaty feeling in our apartments. Sure I like to canoe and swim, but I'd rather go outside for it...

Oh well. The neighbours responsible for the damage did already inform us that the inspectors from their insurance company will come and evaluate the damage. I hope this isn't going to be a difficult case and I get my bathroom fixed. I don't want to end up with a moldy wall. Not good for your health, moldy walls.

I wouldn't have thought that selling mags on the phone would be the thing to cheer me up today. But oddly enough, it was. I got some nice customers and even some nice customers who bought something. Whee. I'm apparently doing pretty well in the job, because even before I had started today's shift I was offered a possibility to continue in the firm later in the fall, too. I kindly said "No thanks", because I'll get a steady pay from teaching from August on and shouldn't be needing extra income. However, if this selling thing turns out to pay reasonably well, who knows when I'll need more money. If I don't get any courses in the spring, I might consider returning to the telemarketing business. I might. I could work silly-long days and save up for a vacation or something... :)

I'm only 9 orders away from winning the gift certificate for 20 euros, which was set as a prize in a competition for us beginners to motivate us. I'm thinking I'm going to sell those nine mags on Wednesday and get me some money to buy food with! :) Yay. I just have to hope that this isn't just a fluke and that I can keep up the steady sales.

Life is really odd sometimes. It really, really is. Not in a million years would I have thought I could be blogging about telemarketing in a positive way. And what do you know, here I am, doing just that. I suppose stranger things could happen, but I can't think of any right now. No, wait, I can. But what are the odds of me bumping into, say, Mr. Dream Guy tomorrow? Slim to none, I'd say. I think it's more likely that I get those nine mags sold on Wednesday. *sigh*

What does that tell you about my life? Well, not much, really. ;)


Aino said...

Way to go, lady! It's good to hear you're doing so well in telemarketing and even enjoying it! My own experience in the field was somewhat... well, blech...

Johanna said...

I really thought that'd be my reaction, too. Maybe it will be, after some time, you never know. :) However, doing this for two months won't kill me and I'll get some money while I'm at it, so I'm content for now. It's not like I could afford being picky about a job this time around...