Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Feeling like a good mom or housewife today. Baked some bread rolls myself. I very rarely do that, but this time I did it basically to save some money... Doesn't that sound sad? ;)

They turned out very yummy and my brother, who suddenly popped by to have a cup of coffee, ended up eating so many of them that he's probably about to burst now. Heh. Mom and dad aren't at home now, so there's no free food in Nousiainen, but at least he won't go hungry today. Aren't I a little darling feeding my brother?

Speaking of mom&dad. They're in Puumala, spending a week in a rented summer cottage by the beautiful lake Saimaa. Mom called me today and told that they've been having wonderful holiday weather up there. I'm so envious! I want to go on a holiday trip, too! To swim in a lake (ok, it's bound to be freezing cold still, but after sauna it wouldn't matter), canoe around listening to the birds singing and the water quietly splashing... I'd so love to have that option available for me right now. It'd be the relaxation I so desperately need.

Because, to be frank, I'm sick and tired of trying to study for my exam (as you can guess, I haven't been too efficient on that front), because the subject matter basically couldn't interest me less. But since I'm going to need that information when working as a history teacher, I'm forced to take the exam anyway. But I have nil motivation and just as much ambition considering the result of the exam, as long as I pass.

And what's even more annoying is that I now constantly feel like I'm wearing the headset from work. I've sold mags for ten hours this week and seriously, my ears seem to think I didn't leave the headset on the desk when I left. Annoying as heck. However, I've been getting decent income, so I suppose I'll have to count this to the hazards of work.

Ah well, I think I'd better go and try to get at least a few pages read yet. Blah, blah, blah.

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