Saturday, December 25, 2004

At least I'm not hungry

Once again, I've done it. I've eaten way too much on Christmas. That's the way it goes every year. But I suppose one doesn't need to count calories this time of the year. I'll go to pace next week and work out extra hard. :)

Christmas Eve was nice. Dad, Lauri and I went to listen to the declaration of Christmas peace, which is an old tradition in Turku. I think I've missed the happening only about 5 times in my life. Once when I was sick as a kid, once when I was in the States and a few times because I had to work in the bookstore. It's the moment Christmas begins for me.

This year our other family traditions were a bit altered, as you may guess. We went to visit mom in the hospital after the declaration and took her one of her presents. She got a brand new cell phone from dad. Leaving her bedside was a bit sad. Here we were, about to go home and have the feast of the year and mom was getting a sip of soup later in the evening... We thought of her warmly during the evening - as Lauri and I drove home, we played Mutter by Rammstein in the car stereos. Seemed appropriate.

Food was delicious. Casseroles, home made cheese, turkey and what have you. I'm not a fan of fish, so I didn't touch that part of the dinner at all, but everyone seemed totally happy with everything they put in their mouths. I don't think anyone left the table feeling hungry - I sure didn't!

I think I had been a nice girl this year, because Santa brought me a delightful number of presents. I think I'm going to have no problems whatsoever spending the gift certificate at Stockmann and I enjoyed all the other gifts too. And Lauri seemed to like the stuff I got him, although it was all sort of boring, being mostly useful things for the kitchen...

All in all, a nice and peaceful Christmas. I'm so happy mom is doing better already (I've realised only after she was operated, that things were quite serious there for a while - I refuse to even think what could've happened...) and hope she'll be able to come home tomorrow. Lauri and I are going to go and visit grandma and our uncle in Lahti tomorrow, if the weather permits. As it'll mean about 400 kilometres of driving back and forth, it wouldn't be nice to drive in a snowstorm. We'll see.

So that's my Christmas so far, on towards New Year's Eve then. I still don't know what to do then. I may end up inviting someone over. I don't know. Have to think about this. :)

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