Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Stormy night, dark thoughts

This year's worst storm has hit Finland. It's pouring rain and the wind is terrible. I wouldn't want to be at sea or anywhere outside on a night like this. Feels miserable even indoors. May have something to do with today's other events too.

Not a good day today. Started out fine, but dad called in a bit after noon and told me he had taken mom to the hospital. The abdominal pains she'd been having weren't just a common stomach flu. It seems she has appendicitis which has most likely already burst (if that's the correct term, I wouldn't have a clue) and they're going to operate her tonight. So much for a normal Christmas for me. We don't know yet when she'll get home, since she obviously has a serious infection going on. I so wish they'll pump her up with antibiotics or something so the infection will heal and she'll be able to come home for Christmas Eve.

Pretty please?

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