Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Oh, woe! - Where art thou?

Why do my posts keep disappearing mysteriously every once and a while? I get confused emails from my friends asking what has happened to my blog, where are such and such posts and so on. Not fair, I say. I've had my share of unbelievably bad luck lately, why can't this world treat me a bit better for a change? Pretty please?

I suppose I'll have to wait and see, if that lost post will reappear in a while and if not, the support of blogger.com is going to get one agitated email. I could, at the same time, ask about my profile and why doesn't it update at all? It still claims I've only made 12 postings and somehow I think there are a few more by now... But until later, I'm just going to have to let this matter go, I've got to go do some real work. Blah, blah, blah. The day's not looking too great right now.


Anonymous said...

Brigdet? Bridget! Johanna. Johanna. Satu. Satu.

Tero said...

Blogger has been having database issues lately, so it is possible you've fallen victim to those and posted something just before they had to restore a previous state of the blog.

I had the issue with profile not updating also a while ago. Stayed the same for quite a long time, then suddenly started working again. So, that problem at least will hopefully go away by itself.

Johanna said...

But how's that possible (that they would've restored the previous state of the blog) when at least some people have been able to read the post and it must've been available for at least a day or two before disappearing?

I'm just so annoyed by all of this! It's not like it was a very important post, but a post nevertheless. (And by the way, my stats have updated themselves once, from 5 postings to 12 - still waiting for another update...)

Oh well. Stuff happens. And Satu, I'll get back to you & Bridget tomorrow, I hope. I'll settle for a simple statement of "I liked it" for now. :)

Tero said...

Quite easily – picture a timeline where, at some point, they take a backup of the database. Some time after that, you post a message, which is published on the blog (and can be read). Some time after that, they muck around with the system and do something that forces them to restore the aforementioned backup (which doesn't have your post), destroying everything posted after it was taken. So, this is how the post is visible for some time and vanishes later.

(I'm not saying this is what has happened with Blogger, but one example of how this could have happened. It has to suffice, because it was probably already more technical than anyone wanted to know.) :-)