Wednesday, December 08, 2004

My life (or Bridget's?)

There. It's official. I've been labelled a nearly impossible case. Or that's how I think it has to be understood. Why? Well, let me tell you.

I got an sms-message from mom today. It said my aunt (her younger sister & my godmother, that is) had found me a perfect man. This of course made me ask a few short questions. Tall? Dark? Handsome? Intelligent? Available? ...heterosexual?? Which then lead to a phonecall from mom. She told me she'd called her sister to talk about arrangements for Christmas and my darling aunt had announced she had found a perfect son-in-law for my mother. A handsome, tall and dark guy, my age, successfull at his job (a salesperson for a medical company of some sort) and on top of all this, also gentlemanlike. (Oy, I think I like the sound of him!) Before I had time to ask, mom said that her sister had told this guy about me and he'd said I sound very nice, but unfortunately he lives quite far away from Turku. So... Whattheheck did she tell him about me??? Oh dear, I don't think I actually want to know. I think it's enough to know that my relatives are already trying to arrange a marriage for me, so that makes me officially a nearly impossible case, if any...

You know, this'd be perfect, if I'd meet this person one day and he'd be wearing a funny piece of knitwear... A woolly jumper with a snowman on it? Oh wait, that's Bridget's life, not mine...

As I promised, a few words about the new Bridget Jones -movie. I liked it. I loved Mr. Darcy, of course, but I did enjoy watching the whole movie, too. A harmless piece of entertainment with jokes that made me laugh, embarrassing moments that made me blush for Bridget's sake and a darned good soundtrack. I'm not so sure I related to this movie as strongly as I did to the first one (see above for the possible explanations), but I suppose this was meant to be the consolation for us singles only in our late-twenties: don't worry quite yet, you've still got a few more good years before it's waaayyy too late. :) So Satu, if you haven't seen it yet, gogogo already! And if you want to know more before you go (not the official reviews, that is), visit Tytti's blog. She got the word on this one.

A short Hornblower comment has to be made at this point. The discs (that I complained about in the post that is still missing) work just fine in my parents' dvd player, so I managed to watch two more episodes yesterday while visiting... *swoon* Did I ever mention Ioan Gruffudd is gorgeous? Now I only have three more episodes to watch, boohoo. I also finished reading the second novel today and my gosh, it's been enjoyable.

There, now I've already missed the beginning of C.S.I. so this is it. I must go. :)

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