Monday, December 06, 2004

Happy 87th!

Happy birthday, Finland!

Independence day. I could say how proud I am to be Finnish and how I am, along with all of the younger generations of Finns, ever thankful to those great men and women who fought and served in the wars and kept Finland an independent nation. Men like my grandpa, who survived the war that ended 60 years ago. And I will say it. Or to be more exact, I did say it. It's all a cliché, but I don't care. I love being Finnish and there's just no place like home. :)

A bit of patriotism there to finish off the day. I've watched the presidential independence day reception on tv (some very elegant gowns tonight and obviously some not so), had coffee and cake at my grandparent's and that's about it. Just the way things in my family are supposed to be on December the 6th. Calm and quiet, that is. :)

Tomorrow sees me (hopefully) finishing a few more pages of the introduction to my thesis, so I'd better keep this short and sweet tonight. Like so. Happy 87th, Finland, and let's hope there'll be hundreds and hundreds more!

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