Friday, April 22, 2005

It's just a drill...

Lately I've felt like I live on a construction site. There's an excavation in the front yard, which has effectively blocked the front door for a week or so (there was some plumbing or whatever that had to be fixed, so first they dug up the old pipes, put in the new ones and now they're filling the hole, so I'm hoping I can use the front door on Monday again...), there were the nice guys who came in yesterday to check the ventilation in my apartment (and all the other apartments, too - yet another project going on around here) and then there is my upstairs neighbour, who is apparently renovating the newly bought apartment before moving in, which is understandable.

Plus, in a week or so, there's going to be a code lock system installed to our front door, which is very nifty. I won't have to drop my keys to my friends from the balcony anymore. Although it was somehow nicely Shakespearean to come out to the balcony to greet a friend who would come by later in the evening when the front door was already locked...

So what's the downside? We're obviously going to have more effective plumbing in the building, since the new pipes won't have tree roots in them (that was the problem with the old one, we're told) and the air in our apartments is going to be cleaner. And our friends can get in by just punching in the right code. Just great.

And in a way I'm also happy for my neighbour, who's going to have a nice renovated apartment to move in to. Good for him / her / them.

Unfortunately the new neighbour hasn't impressed me much. Woken me up a lot, though. Which is the topic of my complaining today.

Why oh why is it mandatory to use any / all powertools ridiculously early in the morning? Like before 8 a.m.? It must be some kind of rule of renovating. "If you need to use your drill / powertool for 15 minutes during the whole day, be sure you use it before 8 a.m." Seriously. This guy has woken me up at least on four mornings already, just about 10 minutes before my alarm goes off at 8 o'clock. It annoys the heck out of me to have to wake up to the roaaaarrr or screeeeech of a powertool - why can't he wait till, say, 8.30 a.m.? And honestly, after he's used the drill for (at the most) half an hour, he doesn't pick it up once during the rest of the day. Argh. I need and want all the minutes of sleep I can get! *sigh* I so want to live in a house of my own...

I promised I'd post a few more pictures of the show today, so here you go.

This is Mansikki, the Dreadful Dragon, chilling in my livingroom before the performance.

Here's our magnificent trio, Sharifa (Heli), Gamila (Satu) and Fikriya (yours truly), off to save the glassbowl of light...

(Nour-il-Omri, the Light of Life, was actually a glassbowl with blue Christmas lights in it. Very stylish, as the lights could be turned on/off from a switch in the base of the whole thing. The bowl was upside down, you see. In a tinfoil wrapping. Ah, I think you needed to see the thing to understand, hehe.)

The feast in the Magical Forest, our opening scene.

So there. Now I'm off to watch some tv. And read some more about Lars Gabriel von Haartman, who is a very notable figure in Finnish history during the time of autonomy. He was a busy man, that fellow.

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