Thursday, April 14, 2005

Old photos again

Remember how I told you about a sixties party I went to some time ago, before Christmas? Well, here's finally a picture of the sixties version of me. And Tytti. Aren't we chic? ;) My dress is pure vintage, it was made by my grandma for my mom. What I still can't believe is that it fit me! Mom had a good taste in colors already back then, this is the colorscheme I would've picked, too.

It's all about the sixties here. Posted by Hello

I'm hoping I'll be able to post a bit more recent pictures next week, since I'm borrowing mom's digicamera on Saturday. I'll be able to take some shots of the dance recital and so on. Hopefully. :)

Ok, now it's back to the studies. I've been loitering by the computer way too long already.

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Tytti said...

Well aren't we smart. You in vintage and I in neo-vintage (I was actually considering of really wearing that one!). Just look at us! :) Two amazingly beliavable beat chicks at their best. 60's never die!