Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Knights in shining armour shop at Versarchery

They make such good movies for kids. Especially when they think also of the parents accompanying their kids to the movies and underestimate neither the kids nor the older members of the audience. Shrek 2 was such a movie, saw it last night. My gosh how I laughed already during the first five minutes! Clever (and downright hilarious) intertextualities and references to modern popular culture, witty dialogue, likeable characters (I love the donkey, he's so darned annoying and adorable at the same time) and the story, although quite simple, will keep even an adult entertained. Oh, and the soundtrack is just groovy. :) Many thanks to Tytti and Jani, who dared me to go to the movies with them even though I had to work today. Now I have the image of cute little donkey-dragons (dongons? drakeys?) hopping around to think of whenever I feel gloomy. Instant cheer-up. I think those little critters were even cuter than the Puss in Boots. :)

Working has been ok. The students seem nice enough, and my lesson planning hasn't failed me once. (I actually should be doing tomorrows plans now, but I'll get to it in just a few minutes...) Tomorrow I get to show parts of the presidential debate again, so at least one lesson is already well planned.

The only thing bothering me about this job is actually the teachers' lounge and the atmosphere in there. I felt practically invisible yesterday. I tried to participate in a discussion about some materials for history classes (and I did have something of value to say) but I was so completely ignored it was sort of funny. It seems like in this school the history teachers are the sort of old-fashioned elderly teachers, who talk loudly about their views and aren't that eager to listen to others. Today I witnessed a loud conversation, where one of the history teachers was complaining something about her daughter's school matters and the other history teacher got all very supportive and together they were bashing this other school. Enter a third teacher (who wasn't a history teacher) and the result in just a few moments was three people talking on top of each other and none listening to what the others were saying. Gosh, I hope I never become anything like that.

The Finnish teachers however are a bit younger, at least the ones I've met now, and they have been very nice. This is exactly what the life of a substitute teacher is. You have to put up all your barriers to go in front of the class the first times until you get to know the students a bit and when you go down to the teachers' lounge, you aren't exactly a member of that little community either. A stranger between two worlds, of sorts. Can't wait to get a real and steady job so I could actually begin to feel comfortable somewhere.

Well, so much for blogging for now. Have to plan those lessons, since I have to go to a meeting soon. I hope I get everything mostly done by that, so I don't have to do much in the middle of the night...

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