Monday, October 04, 2004


I've got wheels again! I'm free! I don't have to bike around to get around unless I want to! Whee! *knock on wood*

Yes, I got my dear old grumpy car back. The door handle isn't broken anymore! Isn't life wonderful? Well, yes it is, at least till tomorrow morning, when I take the car to the annual check-up. I'm afraid that there is something wrong with the car still and it won't pass the tests and then I have to take it back to be repaired again and that costs more and the new check-up costs more... Oh well, I suppose it's not very smart to worry about it now, the car has had a wonderful habit of surprising me by passing the tests every once and a while. Maybe this'll be one of those years again.

Today I went to see the Finnish teacher I'm going to be substituting for next week. She seemed nice enough, but somehow I got the impression she wasn't a hundred percent sure I could do the job. It wasn't anything she said directly, but I just had that feeling. Well, I'm sure I can manage, I'll just have to get quite a bit of planning done already this week. And besides, it's only for four days.

I'm, to be completely honest, a bit more worried about the whole month I'm going to be substituting for my mom. More worried in the sense that there's even more responsibility connected to the job, when I'll be teaching over a half of the length of those courses. I'll probably have some influence on the grades of the students and that's something I'm not that used to at all, since I've mainly done really short periods of substituting. On the other hand, it'll probably be somewhat easier than my worst case scenarios are, because mom will be at home and she'll be able to help me ("It's not like I'm going to have a lobotomy!" as she so nicely put it). And besides that, it'll be a school environment I'm completely familiar with, since it's my old senior high school. Small things like knowing the routines that have to do with lunch breaks give me some more confidence, because the students won't be able to trick me quite as easily. Not that they usually are either, mind you. :)

Ah, I'm getting a bit too tired to think about work anymore. So I'll go and watch Horatio Hornblower instead. It's a BBC-produced miniseries about an English navy officer in the end of the 18th century. Starring my new favourite, Ioan Gruffudd, yummy! :) In the episode I watched last night he was seen swimming around delightfully often. Which of course means that he had considerably less fabric hiding his (...erm...) nice upper body than in most of the shots... A girl has got to have some eye candy every once and a while, right?

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