Saturday, October 16, 2004

What's cooking?

At the moment, apples. I'm expanding my expertise in the kitchen. :) I can't very well expect to live my life without knowing how to make apple jam. Or puréed apples, I suppose. Luckily it isn't difficult at all, so there, yet another skill I can say I have. It smells wonderful in my kitchen now, makes me feel like I should be making pancakes or something, too.

Probably should not do that, however. Tonight I'm going to a sixties theme party and there's going to be food there. So I'm saving some room for that. I'm not in a good party mood right now, unfortunately. The only thing that keeps me from staying at home and renting a movie instead is the fact that I already paid for the party and won't get my money back if I don't show up.

Well, there is another reason, now that I think of it. I borrowed an authentic sixties dress from mom and it's going to be fun to wear that for the evening. Grandma made it herself for mom and the fabric is a nice Marimekko-design. It's as retro as they get! Add an old (huge) Kalevala-pendant, boots, appropriate makeup & hairdo and voilá, I'm a sixties girl. I think I have to choose a favourite Beatle to be more authentic. I don't think I'll pick Ringo. I suppose it'll have to be Paul or John. :)

I'm just a wee bit worried about the hair and makeup part. Especially the hairdo is going to be somewhat problematic, since I have two left hands when it comes to doing something with my hair... I'll have to see if I can find a ribbon of some kind, they used to be popular accessories (I spent much of last night surfing different sixties fashion sites...). I could just go with pigtails then. :) About as complicated a hairdo I'll ever manage by myself.

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