Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Somewhat annoyed

What is going on with this blog? I got a message from a friend that the Pool has disappeared. When I tried to see for myself, it had indeed gone missing. All I got was a blank page when I tried to view the actual blog. I was already writing a very annoyed message to the Blogger support team, when the page suddenly reappeared. So what the heck was that all about anyway? I'd like to keep my blog visible, thank you very much.

Another annoying thing. Or maybe not annoying, but disappointing. You got it. My car didn't pass the check up. Not for the reason(s) I was afraid it wouldn't (the exhaust or the brakes - and please excuse me again, if I get my terminology confused, I'm no engineer...), but because a part of the brakes, a disk of some sort (jarrulevy, for those of us who speak fluent Finnish, heh), was just a bit too corroded. Humm. As I consult my advanced learner's dictionary a bit better, it seems that the disk is actually "a rotating plate at the centre of a car wheel". Right. Now that we got that settled, I can say dammit. This means I have a month to fix the matter (back to the repair man again) and then I have to take the car to another check-up. And it costs money, surprise surprise.

The guy who did the tests was kind enough to comfort me that those plates (or disks or whatever) aren't that expensive, though. Well, that's good news, but the bad news is that I really don't have that money either. Or to be more precise, I wouldn't want to spend much on this car anymore. Every full tank of gas probably triples the value of the vehicle anyway, so you can probably understand my point... I shouldn't be complaining though - if I'm going to have to drive around in this car, I think I'm better off if it's at least not broken. I think I do have to appreciate brakes. They are handy sometimes while driving, I suppose. :)

In addition to all this, I think I'm coming down with yet another cold. My throat is sore and my temperature is a bit high. This is absolutely the last thing I need right now. I have to be able to work next week, and this week also. Not much fun giving a lecture, if there's no sound coming out of the lecturer? Gosh, I hope this is just a result of not sleeping enough last night.

Yes, I have only myself to blame for that, because I stayed up last night and watched the rest of the Horatio Hornblower movie. Or miniseries. I'm so totally confused by the format of the thing that it's downright annoying. How appropriate for the day. Then, I tried to search for more of the Hornblower-series on DVD, but I couldn't find any region 2 box sets listed. Not in amazon.co.uk anyhow. Annoying! I guess I'll have to continue looking. I'd very much like to have more of Ioan in my DVD-collection. ;)

That's probably the least annoyed thought I can produce at this point, so I'm going to make that my closing today. More Ioan for me. Please. :)


Anonymous said...

You have to look in the right places: http://www.play247.com/play247.asp?searchtype=allproducts&searchstring=horatio&page=search&Go.x=0&Go.y=0
(Hope that enormously long URL works, if not just klick your self to www.play247.com and search for horatio, it's right there. ;) )


Anonymous said...

Huh, kun ei lue viikkoon, on aikas tavalla kiinni otettavaa. Pitäs olla tiivistelmät... et joo, hyvin menee, tai ei mee. Mut jee, löysin nimeni tekstistä. Olen siis tärkeä ihminen. :) Utas

Johanna said...

Ben, you're absolutely right. One has to look in the right places and luckily I did find play.com too! Now I'll just have to wait for a pay day of some sorts and I can make my order! Whee!

Ja kyllä, Utas, olet vallan tärkeä ihminen! :)