Saturday, October 23, 2004

Tough decisions

My gosh. I'm having such difficulties deciding who to vote for tomorrow in the communal elections. For me the communal elections are actually more a question of finding a good person for the job than voting for a particular party, since I'm not exactly a steady supporter of any of the parties. Aagh. Well, I have till tomorrow to think about this, the most important thing is to vote anyway.

Mom got out of the hospital yesterday. Everything had gone well and mom seemed quite cheery when I quickly went to see her at home, before dashing back to Turku with my brother. She'll have a nice sick leave, since she isn't allowed to lift anything that weighs over 1 kg, which means dad'll have to do all the housework for a month and mom can concentrate on reading light novels & watching good movies while I do all her work at school. Not altogether a bad deal. :)

Well, I seem to run out of things to ponder, so that's it for today. :)

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