Thursday, October 21, 2004

Older? Yes. Wiser? Probably not.

So there. I'm older. Whee. Don't feel that different at all. Oh, my back still aches and I have a cold I have to ignore because of work and I'm tired as heck, but that's just business as usual. Can't complain.

My day began quite nicely. I had to wake up bright and shiny well before 7 a.m., which, in case I haven't mentioned it before, is pure torture to me. But I managed. Took a shower, got dressed and got some breakfast to go with my newspaper. All of a sudden, my doorbell rings. Before 8 a.m., who in goodness' name can it be? I opened the door and got a hug. :) Lovely. My darling friend Satu had decided to pop by on her way to work, just to come and hug me and give me a birthday present. That's just utterly lovely, but then again, that's Satu for you. She'd gotten me a cake knife (or a cake slice, as it says on the package). Just perfect! :) I've invited her over for coffee and cake (or pie) every once and a while and I guess she took pity on me - I've never had a proper cake knife. Now I do, thank you ever so much! *hug*

Well, that was about all the celebrating I got to do today. Day at work went well, the students seemed to greet me with a good attitude and the program for the day wasn't too stressing. I even managed to plan most of tomorrow's lessons at school while the seniors wrote their essays. Wonderful.

I just got a message from dad, he'd called mom in the hospital. The operation had gone well, but mom was still a bit drugged up after all of it. No wonder though, she'd been under anesthesia for three hours, at least. Quite a trip to the la-la-land. I'm glad that everything went well and I'll be even more glad to see her tomorrow.

I probably had a dozen or so more things to babble about, but I find myself nodding off. Better to log out before the post becomes totally incomprehensible. Zzz.

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